July 18, 2012

Cole :: 5 months

Baby girl is five months old today.

In the last month, Cole has cut two new teeth and become a rolling maniac. She's now very intentional and thoughtful about her rolling. While in previous months her rolling seemed almost accidental, not anymore! Cole spent last week concentrating while rolling onto her belly and now she's a master. She's rolling over in her crib which is interrupting her sleep ever so slightly.

Cole's previous nighttime sleep problems have been replaced with some very early mornings. Typically Cole goes to bed around seven then wakes up for the day eleven or twelve hours later. Toward the end of the last month, however, Cole started to play in her crib around 3:30 am ready for the day. She'll babble to herself and chat with her mobile for about twenty minutes before deciding that she'd like some company. Or at least a snack. 

As for solids, Cole has been eating sweet potato, avocado, and banana. Girlfriend is loving her new foods! She likes to help her daddy by assisting with the spoon and lunging toward each bite. I'm still nursing her though we introduced formula this month in an attempt to help her sleep longer. Despite initial success, it didn't really work.

Cole's becoming more and more fascinated with the dogs. She's taken to reaching for and talking with them. They show their over-the-top affection to Cole with excessive licking that I'm hoping is boosting her immune system. Frankly,  I think her interest in the dogs stems from a larger interest in different textures. She's been squealing with joy as she discovers different textures around the house, from coarse fur to smooth board books to soft knit blankets.

Cole displays a predisposition toward introversion. Being that I'm an extreme extrovert, I've had to be diligent about giving Cole her own time when she needs it. After playing with me or a friend for a bit, she'll fuss until I put her in her jumper or activity chair to play solo. She's perfectly content to interact with her toys by herself.  She's started to enjoy more of her toys which is fun for her and very helpful. Her tendency toward introversion has also manifested in her preference to be around people she knows well rather than new people.  I was initially surprised when a friend told me you can usually tell if a child is introverted or extroverted by the time they are six months old but now I absolutely believe it. Seeing Cole's personality take shape is so amazing. She can be a real chatterbox once she's comfortable around a person but she's stone cold until then. Reminds me quite a bit of her daddy.

And she's starting to look a whole lot like him too.

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