August 30, 2012

August 27, 2012

Baltimore, Part 4: Everything Else

We kept busy while in Maryland.
Visiting family. Eating. Porch sitting. And encouraging napping.

We met Peggy Sue. The Suester joined the family a few short months ago.
She has an enormous personality and body to match. 
But she thinks she's a princess.

On Sunday night, Cole visited with her Great-Pop-Pop and Great-Aunt Kate.
Earlier in the day on Sunday, Cole got to see another one of her Greats.
There's nothing like a taking to a baby to nursing home.
Nothing at all. 

Never a slacker, Cole continued to work on sitting-up while in Maryland
She's getting close. Very close.
She's mastered the tripod. 

We spent some time over at PopPop Tim's.
Cole smiled with him.  And snuggled with him.
And crawled to him.
Like I said, we stayed busy. 

Monday was my momma's birthday.
To celebrate the birthday, we went to the Towson Diner.
Which reminds me of high school. Which was nearly a decade ago. Dang.
Anyway Scottie and Bigs are regulars at the Diner.
Bigs busted the waitress, but she gave it right back. Cause they're regulars.
And regulars can get away with that sort of thing. 

August 24, 2012

Baltimore, Part 3: S'mores

On Monday nights, my grandfather and aunt dine at my moms.
Every Monday night.
As babies tend to do, Cole altered this routine. 
Since we flew out Monday night,  Monday night dinner was on Sunday night. 

On this same Sunday night, my mom finally opened her fire pit. After two years in storage.
She bought some enormous marshmallows and other necessary supplies.
After dinner, we all went outside and ma declared s'mores for dessert! 

August 23, 2012

Baltimore, Part 2: Not Baltimore

We spent last weekend in Baltimore. Sort of. 
The whole point of the trip was actually for me to help host a bridal shower that was in Pennsylvania.
So not Baltimore. 

The shower was a collaborative effort hosted by the bridesmaids.
Since the five of us live in five different states, we planned the shower through email. 
As the shower came together on Saturday, we were each delighted. And it was stunning. 
Everything flowed and the weather was perfect. Who has ever heard of a cool August day? 

Since I was coming from Tennessee, I opted to help with some pre-shower purchases.
It would have been too much for me to travel with shower supplies and Cole.
Fortunately, the other bridesmaids understood my circumstance.
I did make a little paper banner the night before that we used to draw attention to the pavilion. 

Another bridesmaid did the flowers. They were gorgeous! 
She collected glass jars to create beautiful, feminine and rustic tablescapes. 
She also made banners and streamers. She really carried a vision for the decorations.

I love how bridal showers bring together friends from various seasons of life.
I met some of the bride's life-long friends, family friends, and grad school friends.
And everyone was beaming about the couple.

The shower in not Baltimore was near the home of Peter's aunt and uncle. 
Since we were so close, we popped in after the shower so Cole could meet some of her Greats. 
And get smothered with kisses. 

August 21, 2012

Cole :: 6 months

Happy belated half-birthday baby girl!

Holy cow. Here we are in the middle August with a pre-crawling, peach-craving, non-napping, bottle-hating, accessory-wearing sixth month old. And we are so in love. Sweet Cole is revealing her personality more each day. She still loves her people and is delighted to see them. She's growing more tolerant of strangers and will even flirt with them a bit if Peter or I am around. She's got a number of different smiles from the sneaky grin she gives me while nursing to the Joey-Potter-half-smile. Not that she'll ever know who Joey Potter is.

This month, we've had what seems like a constant stream of visitors. We housed a rescue dog for a couple of nights. We joined the Botanic Garden. And we went to Baltimore, again. Cole has now traveled on 8 planes!

She's dragging herself all over the place and on the verge of crawling. She pulled herself up one day in the bath and gave her Daddy a real fright. And she's become quite the chatterbox. It's hard to believe how much she's changed in the last six months. But it sure keeps things exciting!

August 16, 2012

Meet Memphis

The Slaton family is growing by one! Meet Memphis.
Formerly Parkway. Found on N. Parkway in Memphis by our neighbors. 

Last weekend Peter's folks heard that our neighbors were fostering a pup looking for a forever home.
A Lab, Great Dane, mutt pup. Just like Lily. Frankly, it was over before it began. 
Kathy named the pup Memphis before she'd even seen him.

After a short meet-and-greet with our pups on Tuesday, we knew this special guy was family.
A few phone calls, pictures, and videos later, it was a done deal.
And Aunt Lisa was headed back to Tennessee.

Friday, Memphis will head to Georgia to meet his family and explore his forever home.
We're so thankful for our kind neighbors and their hearts for dogs.
Who knows where Memphis would be had they not stopped their car to get him off of N. Parkway?

August 14, 2012

The Grands

Peter's folks came to visit last weekend. After an easy Friday night at home, we ventured out Saturday to the Memphis Botanic Garden. There are over twenty specialty gardens at the Memphis Botanic Garden so there is plenty of space to explore. 

Peter bummed a quarter from his dad in order to buy some fish food. The fish were desperate and overly aggressive for food hungry.

Cole got to snuggle with her grandparents a whole lot while they were here.

We saw this gal on the way out.  I don't think she'll be hungry for awhile. 

Cole is turning out to be quite the fan of accessories. She'll gladly wear a hat or sunglasses which is helpful. Since she likes to be outside.  As much as possible. 

When we got home, Cole cozied up next to her daddy and told us all fascinating stories.