August 27, 2012

Baltimore, Part 4: Everything Else

We kept busy while in Maryland.
Visiting family. Eating. Porch sitting. And encouraging napping.

We met Peggy Sue. The Suester joined the family a few short months ago.
She has an enormous personality and body to match. 
But she thinks she's a princess.

On Sunday night, Cole visited with her Great-Pop-Pop and Great-Aunt Kate.
Earlier in the day on Sunday, Cole got to see another one of her Greats.
There's nothing like a taking to a baby to nursing home.
Nothing at all. 

Never a slacker, Cole continued to work on sitting-up while in Maryland
She's getting close. Very close.
She's mastered the tripod. 

We spent some time over at PopPop Tim's.
Cole smiled with him.  And snuggled with him.
And crawled to him.
Like I said, we stayed busy. 

Monday was my momma's birthday.
To celebrate the birthday, we went to the Towson Diner.
Which reminds me of high school. Which was nearly a decade ago. Dang.
Anyway Scottie and Bigs are regulars at the Diner.
Bigs busted the waitress, but she gave it right back. Cause they're regulars.
And regulars can get away with that sort of thing. 

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  1. a friend of mine from grade school used to call me peggy sue... looks like a fun trip!