August 16, 2012

Meet Memphis

The Slaton family is growing by one! Meet Memphis.
Formerly Parkway. Found on N. Parkway in Memphis by our neighbors. 

Last weekend Peter's folks heard that our neighbors were fostering a pup looking for a forever home.
A Lab, Great Dane, mutt pup. Just like Lily. Frankly, it was over before it began. 
Kathy named the pup Memphis before she'd even seen him.

After a short meet-and-greet with our pups on Tuesday, we knew this special guy was family.
A few phone calls, pictures, and videos later, it was a done deal.
And Aunt Lisa was headed back to Tennessee.

Friday, Memphis will head to Georgia to meet his family and explore his forever home.
We're so thankful for our kind neighbors and their hearts for dogs.
Who knows where Memphis would be had they not stopped their car to get him off of N. Parkway?

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  1. Love this. What a beautiful pup!