September 25, 2012

September 20, 2012

Boston Terriers

...have gas. 
It's a breed thing.
Anyone in the vicinity is at risk.
Even helpless babes. 

September 18, 2012

Cole :: 7 Months

I'm always surprised by the 18th of the month. It seems to me they sneak up and slap me with the reality that our baby girl is growing up.

In the last month, she's really taken to her baby food- eating nearly two jars at every meal. With all of this eating, she's revealing more and more food preferences. Girlfriend still loves pears and has warmed up to a blend of banana, blueberry, and beet. Unfortunately, we learned that she's sensitive to peaches so our little miss won't get to be dining on that favorite sweet treat anytime soon.

Cole is working on filling her mouth with teeth. At last count, she has five! Today she's been chewing like crazy on some of her toys and showing other signs of teething. I imagine she'll be sprouting more teeth in the upcoming motnh.

Cole is loving her doorway jumper and swings.  We've been calling her our "little engineer" because she is pretty analytical. Even her teachers have noticed. Cole likes to look at all sides of her toys and examine the wheels and hinges on everything. She's also getting pretty quick dragging herself around the house on her belly- which works out well because it's delaying crawling a bit.

September 17, 2012


Just a few thoughts from the weekend: 

The annual Cooper-Young Festival, which celebrates our neighborhood, was on Saturday.
And the 4-miler was Friday. A couple of our friends hosted a causal shindig in their front yard during the race.
I took my camera. But I didn't take pictures. Too busy living to be a shutterbug, I suppose.

I've been cracking up over this blog I was recently introduced to. Thanks, Mary B.
Please, please read Special Time and 7 Stages of Night Grief.
It's relatable. And funny. And I don't even have a toddler.
Just an expressive nearly-seven month old that doesn't like vegetable bakes.

The mister and I started watching Friday Night Lights a few weeks ago.
I'm fond. Though I'm confused about where all of the students at East Dillon went to school in the first three seasons.
Anyone know?

September 12, 2012

September 9, 2012

Confessions of a Nursing Mom: Teeth

I have been nursing Cole for 206 days.
And I have been blessed with an ample milk supply.
Nursing has been wildly convenient since there is no prep work involved.
I've exceeded my goal of six months nursing, though my reach goal of one year is still a ways off.
Yes, I make goals for all kinds of stuff. Then I take things day by day.

But now Cole has teeth.
Four teeth.
Two on the top. Two on the bottom.
Pinchers. Sharp, little pinchers.
These itty bitty pearly whites are game changers.

Anyone have success dealing with a wee biter?
I've been teaching "No bite." And I've popped her on the cheek.
I've ended the feeding.  And I've pulled her closer.
I've heard of momma's biting back.
But I'm not there yet. Maybe I'm close.
Or maybe it's time to buy some cabbage leaves. And reintroduce under-wire to my life.

September 7, 2012

...About the Baby Squirrels


When we took down the tree, we destroyed the home of a number of animals and insects. I was already feeling very guilty, like Urban-Fern Gully guilty when....

On the first day of work, we saw one of the tree trimmers hanging out by the fence. With some squirrels. Some baby squirrels.

Dude found them in one of the limbs he was dragging to the front yard. Knowing the abandoned squirrels were outside, I couldn't do nothing. So I sought the powers of Google: "What to do with abandoned baby squirrels?"

I found a place for the squirrels, Mid-South Orphaned Wildlife. I called the rescuer who told me I could bring the squirrels out. But I had to wait. Six hours.

For six hours, the squirrels hung out in our dining room. On a cloth diaper. In a shoebox. On a towel. On a heating pad. On the ironing board. I didn't know I cared so much.

When I took the squirrels to Mid-South Orphaned Wildlife,  I was introduced to a new world. A world where people are burdened to help orphaned wildlife. Where raccoons, opossums, and squirrels are rehabilitated for release into the wild. The baby squirrels, which turned out to be a pair of girls and a boy, were weighed and fed. Then placed into an incubator with other abandoned or orphaned baby squirrels.

The next day, we had the other tree in our yard pruned. With a different work crew. At one point, I looked out the back window and saw one of the tree guys with some baby squirrels. Dangling by their tails. Over the fence.

Like a maniac, I ran outside and told him not to drop them. I got a box. Called the rescuer. And started the whole thing over again.

September 6, 2012

Changes in the Skyline

We had some slight tree damaged in a recent storm.  One limb was left hanging ominously over the house.  Threatening to put a hole in the roof. We called a few tree services and got some estimates for the limb removal.

Bad news. When the tree guys arrived we learned the limb was the least of our problems. One of the tree guys started pulling at the base of the tree with his bare hands. And the wood started  falling away. The base of the tree and root system was rotted out and infested by termites. The whole tree needed to come down.

The professionals came in and took down the limb. And the rest of the tree.  I'm glad we called in real professionals rather than bank on our neighborhood handyman. In this scenario, dealing with licensed professionals was the way to go. 

When the first day of work was complete, the large oak was merely a stump. And that stump was ground into mulch two days later.

Gunther, our emo dog, mourned the loss of the tree.  And contemplated the open space. 

Our yard was basically destroyed in the process of having the tree removed.  We're calling it the drawing board. I doubt we'll do anything too exciting.  Maybe a simple patio and a new tree. Definitely some grass.  

Stay tuned.