September 18, 2012

Cole :: 7 Months

I'm always surprised by the 18th of the month. It seems to me they sneak up and slap me with the reality that our baby girl is growing up.

In the last month, she's really taken to her baby food- eating nearly two jars at every meal. With all of this eating, she's revealing more and more food preferences. Girlfriend still loves pears and has warmed up to a blend of banana, blueberry, and beet. Unfortunately, we learned that she's sensitive to peaches so our little miss won't get to be dining on that favorite sweet treat anytime soon.

Cole is working on filling her mouth with teeth. At last count, she has five! Today she's been chewing like crazy on some of her toys and showing other signs of teething. I imagine she'll be sprouting more teeth in the upcoming motnh.

Cole is loving her doorway jumper and swings.  We've been calling her our "little engineer" because she is pretty analytical. Even her teachers have noticed. Cole likes to look at all sides of her toys and examine the wheels and hinges on everything. She's also getting pretty quick dragging herself around the house on her belly- which works out well because it's delaying crawling a bit.


  1. Parker, I just can't take it. I know I keep saying this... but I just want to grab her up and squeeze real tight (but not TOO tightly... don't worry). P.S. I started blogging again today.

  2. haha, the paper at the doctor's office. Rory does the same thing. I can't believe she already has 5 teeth! She was super early with those!