September 9, 2012

Confessions of a Nursing Mom: Teeth

I have been nursing Cole for 206 days.
And I have been blessed with an ample milk supply.
Nursing has been wildly convenient since there is no prep work involved.
I've exceeded my goal of six months nursing, though my reach goal of one year is still a ways off.
Yes, I make goals for all kinds of stuff. Then I take things day by day.

But now Cole has teeth.
Four teeth.
Two on the top. Two on the bottom.
Pinchers. Sharp, little pinchers.
These itty bitty pearly whites are game changers.

Anyone have success dealing with a wee biter?
I've been teaching "No bite." And I've popped her on the cheek.
I've ended the feeding.  And I've pulled her closer.
I've heard of momma's biting back.
But I'm not there yet. Maybe I'm close.
Or maybe it's time to buy some cabbage leaves. And reintroduce under-wire to my life.


  1. Oh sister! I can sympathize! N definitely went through this.

    For her it was just a stage. I think a lot of her was driven from an impatience for the let down (which only took about 30 seconds!). Boy do those strong personalities develop young!

    What seemed to be most effective for baby girl was to remove her from the breast, as calmly as you can and say in a stern voice no bite and place her away from you (I.e. in the bumbo or on the floor) for a 30 second time out from nursing.

    It took much patience and even more prayer. Thankfully, like most things in the first year, it was just a season. Good luck sister!

  2. baby teeth are like knives!:( I popped the cheek once and said "no" loudly the other times and it seemed to startle her to the point I think she was scared to eat. I can usually tell when she's about to do it though, so I pull her away...but then again she only has 2 teeth, so that may change when she gets more. Good luck with that! I'm sure I'll be right behind you with this issue!

  3. oh the things to look forward to.... ouch!

  4. oh my. Since Melanie is only 4-months old and still toothless, I have no advice... but I'm so so scared!