October 15, 2012

Baby Will's Mustache Bash Shower

Baby Will is going to be here in no time! Saturday, together with two girlfriends, I threw a baby shower for Matt & Erin, Will's parents-to-be. While not typical, we opted to have a co-ed baby shower and invite everyone's kids. 

Initially I thought the theme would be something around tailgating but then our yard was destroyed and we had to reevaluate.  We settled on the idea of a Mustache Bash for the little man. I made a bunch of banners for the party. Not surprising, I know. The other hostesses took care of the additional mustache decor, a diaper cake for mom and a Dr. Pepper cake for dad.

We played a "Guess the Age" game I stole from Ali's shower. I asked the grandmamas-to-be to send me pictures of Matt and Erin as kids. Then everyone took their best guess as to how old they were in each picture. Looking at the wee picture of Matt and Erin I can't wait to see who Baby Will looks like!  The game was super hard! First place was a tie between two guys who each got just three answers correct.

While the happy parents-to-be were showered with gifts, the rest of us played gift bingo.  I know shower games aren't always popular, but I feel like the right ones can be fun. Especially if you only play one or two. And if you offer scratch-off tickets for prizes.

We got three dozen balloons to help jazz up the house for the party. They were a big hit with the kiddos!

Speaking of kiddos, after the gifts were opened and games played, two of the little ladies had a blast gabbing away. Cole's buddy Miss P is just a few hours older than her. It's weird and coincidental but quite fun. 

The guys spent a good portion of the shower in the front yard playing Cornhole. We borrowed the set from a friend knowing it would be a hit. Correction: we thought be borrowed it from a friend.  Turns out, we unknowingly borrowed our friend's neighbor's set. Whoops. Cole was pretty in to it. 


  1. You throw good looking showers! looks like a blast :)

    1. Too bad there won't be any mustaches in [this] Baby Scalf's shower! I'll have to make HER another kind of banner.

  2. I'm SO sad I missed this!!! Everything was super cute!

    1. Thanks, Steph! You were certainly missed.