October 22, 2012


As I mentioned, my dad's folks live in the Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. They don't go by any fancy grandparent names, just Cathy and D. Cole met Cathy and D a few months ago but she was much more engaged this time around. It didn't hurt that Cathy bought Cole her own set of keys which were and are a big hit!

While we were at the beach, Cathy and D came over for dinner. Actually they brought us dinner: Royal Farms fried chicken, coleslaw, squash casserole, baked beans, and biscuits. And it was delicious. I wouldn't mind having a Royal Farms in Memphis.

Then Thursday before we left Rehoboth, we stopped by Cathy and D's house for one last visit. Cole hammed it up for the camera ::of course:: while Cathy kept a close eye.

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