December 23, 2012

A Very Memphis Christmas

Memphis has so many neat holiday traditions: Enchanted Forrest Festival of Trees, Snowy Nights, Zoo Lights, Starry Nights, Clark's Christmas Dinner.
Being that neither of us is originally from here, we have to explore to discover which local traditions will be part of our family traditions.
Since we have a baby in tow, this Christmas we decided to give the Enchanted Forrest Festival of Trees and Snowy Nights a whirl.
Clark's Christmas Dinner, I'm coming for you in 2013! 

The Enchanted Forrest Festival of Trees at the Pink Palace seemed tried and true. Also, old. Admission for our family was $12.
I can imagine if it were part of my own childhood, taking Cole would have been really special.
I did like how Cole was able to walk around. The rail was just her size.

The Christmas tree display was pretty cool but weak compared to Valley View Farms.
Same with the train display. It was quaint compared to the Keniworth train garden. Clearly, childhood in Baltimore spoiled me.
For a bit more cash, Cole could've visited with Santa at the Pink Palace. His set up there was pretty cozy.
If she hadn't already met the big man at Bass Pro we may have splurged. 


With our membership to the Botanic Garden, our family got into Snowy Nights for $10.
Santa was making an appearance the night we went so we snapped Cole's picture with him. For free.
There were tons of activities and free cotton candy included with our admission. For a bit extra we could've purchased s'more supplies. We opted out.

Cole was mesmerized by the lights. There were just enough.
Snowy Night is contained within My Big Backyard which meant we didn't have to walk too far.

Next year, we'll go back to Snowy Nights. Cole may be able to participate in some of the activities by then which would be fun.
Even if she can't, it's a nice holiday family activity and worth the cost of admission. 

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