December 12, 2012

Back Home

I've never written about it here, but I had a job from April 30 until December 2 this year.
I was asked to step in as a band-aid, or interim, employee for an organization I care deeply for.
My hours ranged from less than forty to over ninety hours a month.
I worked some from home and some from the office.  And all day from my phone.
It was part-time but it was all of the time.

May to December was trying personally and, on a grander scale, for the organization as a whole.
My precious girl grew from a wee bit to an assisted walker. All while I was learning how to be a mom. P.S. I'm still learning and will be for awhile.
Working from home turned out to be less successful than I imagined, so Cole and I spent a great deal of time in the office. The not childproofed office.

I quit in August, knowing we needed a replacement. Waiting, praying for a replacement. We found one in late November. 
On the evening of December 2, I finally erased the work account from my phone:

The last ten days have been remarkable.  I feel lighter. I am lighter!
I didn't even realize the physical toll of the stress until it was lifted.
I'm still helping my replacement almost daily. My perfect, wonderful, answer-to-prayer replacement!
I'm happy to be home. All the time. With my babe. For my babe.

I may write more about this season down the road. Or I may not.
I'll likely work again soon. Not again for an organization I'm so involved with. Back in education.
With more childcare! And on different terms. Maybe with a contract. Hopefully with a contract.
Right now, I'm focusing my marriage, my family, and relationships I've put on hold since April.  
I can't wait to feel like I've gotten myself and my time back.
Do know,  I'm on my way.
Well on my way.

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