December 30, 2012

Early Christmas

Since we surprised my family for Christmas, we decided to celebrate in Memphis before we left.
We were overwhelmed by the amount of gifts Cole received from our friends and families.
The packages completely covered our buffet. (Our tree and gifts had to be off the floor this year because of someones increasing mobility.) 

After a family breakfast of spiced banana pancakes we opened gifts.
Peter and I decided to get Cole a Raggedy Anne doll a few months ago.
During the exact week she realized how fun pulling hair can be. It was a hit!

She got the hang of opening gifts right away. And gave it her greatest effort.
Cole is a go getter so she really got after it. 
Now she has a camera just like mine. Kind of.

Cole's largest gift was a Rody horse with a rocking base.
She gave Rody a thorough veterinary examination before indicating her approval.
I have a feeling Rody and I are going to get to know each other pretty well. 

Our early Christmas in Memphis was quiet and simple. It was the perfect way to kick off our Christmas vacation. 

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