June 29, 2012

Girl's Day

A couple of weeks ago Peter and his coworker Matt went to Europe on business trips. While Peter was gone for just a week, Matt had to stay for two. Erin, Matt's wife, stayed with me while her hubby was gone which was so great. Erin is a baby whisperer, not to mention all-around good company. As the days turned to weeks, we both got anxious for our husbands to return home. Last Saturday evening, Matt finally came home after two weeks away. In order to fill the day and keep Erin's mind from worrying too much, we had a girl's day. After getting spa pedicures at Elite Nails, we did lunch at Chick-fil-A, then headed to the movies. We met another friend for a showing of What to Expect When You're Expecting. It was a fitting movie choice because Erin is pregnant and the other two of us has baby girls in February (Just 8 hours apart. At the same hospital. Perhaps a story for another time). The movie was a hoot! I'm sure the fact that I had low expectations helped but I'll watch it again when it hits Redbox. While I was out with my girlfriends, Peter got to spend some quality time with Cole which was lovely after his time away.

June 27, 2012

At the Table

Cole started solids last week. The rice cereal went over like a lead balloon so we moved right on to avocado then sweet potato. Peter and I didn't buy many supplies for life beyond the newborn stage so we recently ordered a high chair. After doing a good bit of research and comparison shopping, we decided to go with the Stokke Tripp Trapp because it's easy to clean and it's the perfect height our dining room table. Down the road, I'll get a table tray for Cole to use, and destroy, but for this month we're just getting her used to the chair. While it may be a while before we're eating true family dinners, it's nice to have our baby with us at the dinner table. (I did cheat and buy a toy with suction cups on the bottom to amuse her while we eat. She loves it so much, this evening she tried to eat it.)

June 20, 2012

From My Phone

 It pretty simple: food, pups, and family.

June 19, 2012

June 18, 2012

Cole :: 4 months

A year ago yesterday,  I found out I was pregnant.  And today, our baby girl is four months old. My goodness!

This morning we celebrated by taking Cole to the doctor. She's measuring 25.25 inches and weighing in at 13 pounds 11 ounces. We're going to start solid foods this month. The plan is to introduce rice cereal, avocado, and banana.

Cole is one the verge of something big. She's making great strides toward increased mobility. For the last few weeks she's been pulling herself around her playmat. Girlfriend will be crawling before the end of summer. Mark my words. She's also falling in love with her jumper. While she hasn't quite figured out the appeal of jumping, she's keen to mosey and twist while banging her rattle on the tray.

As for sleep it's been good, bad and ugly. For a bit, we were getting 8-hour blocks at night, the good. Less than an hour during the day, the bad. And then, without warning, the length of nighttime sleep regressed to  4-hour blocks, or less, the ugly. Cole's been crying it out for nearly two weeks and it seems to be helping. We've also developed a nighttime routine. Every night Cole gets a bath, a song, final feeding, and a few prayers before bed. Once she goes into her room at night we try not to bring her out.

In the last month Cole went for her first dip in a pool, took her first shower, and started Mother's Day Out. She also moved into her big-girl stroller. She's really enjoying being able to sit up. We've been busy enjoying some of what the Memphis summer has to offer by the River and at Overton Park. And have, no doubt, become regulars at the zoo.

June 17, 2012

Father's Day

Happy Day to all you fathers and father figures! 
I have the good fortunate of having a wonderful father, step-father, and father-in-law. 
In the past four months, I've watched Peter become wildly devoted to our little girl. 
It's mighty cool. 

Yes, I'm one of four. No, the youngest isn't pictured. But three outta four ain't bad- especially in costume and smiling!

June 15, 2012

A Tale of Two Bags

Cole has two diaper bags. She didn't at first, but in the last month I decided it's necessary.

We use cloth diapers which means I need to carry the cloth diapering supplies when we are out. Understandably,  at school and church, cloth diapers aren't allowed so Cole uses disposables while she's there. It may sound like a pretty simple swap, but something about changing the contents of the diaper bag has left me unprepared on more than one occasion. For instance, last Sunday while we were at church, Cole, as she tends to do, beat her disposable diaper. She needed a new outfit but somewhere between switching the contents of the bag and the hustle of Sunday morning, we didn't have one. As a result, our sweet girl sat in nursery wearing only a diaper until we located an outfit she could borrow.

The other issue I've run into is that her school requires specific contents for the diaper bag and everything has to be labeled. A number of items I tote daily are not on that list and few items are labeled. In order to make life simpler for her teachers, I only put the required items in Cole's bag. Until last week I'd been using painters tape and a Sharpie to label her items. Attempting to reduce the amount it time it takes us to get ready for school and church, I now include as many monogrammed items in her bag as possible. I've also finally gotten my act together and ordered some labels. How was I supposed to know that most people don't label their kid's stuff with painters tape and a Sharpie? No one tells you these things. 

As of right now, here are the contents of Cole's two bags: 

1- the diaper bag
2- a muslin blanket I use as a nursing cover
3- travel changing pad
4- diaper rash cream
5- sunscreen
6- hand sanitizer
7- nail clippers
8- Cole's favorite teether
9- Hotsling
10- spare diapers
11- wet/dry bag
12- wipes
Not pictured- a spare change of clothes

1- the school/church bag
2- spare pajamas
3- diapers
4- a lovey
5- a spare outfit
6- a bib (there are supposed to be two but one is in wash)

June 13, 2012

Encore! Encore!

Just for fun, here are two more delights from our engagement collection:

Things that are weird about this picture: the angle, my dress being wet, other people's children are randomly scattered in the background. I am particularly fond of the little fella pulling up his trunks. Have you spotted him?

Lets play I Spy. I spy with my little eye the photographer's leg and boot.  I suppose if this was an untouched picture not the final edited version the error would be more forgivable. Should I even mention how criminal this angle is?

In other news, Peter is traveling for work this week so it's just us girls. While Cole and I had a week without Peter when we went to Baltimore, this is different. For starters, Peter is more than a time zone away so it's much more difficult to talk to him. Secondly, when we were traveling my responsibilities were very limited,  really I just had to care for the babe. With Peter traveling all of the responsibilities are still here, unfortunately there is just one less person to get them done. Anyone up for explaining to our pups why they haven't gone for any walks this week? Needless to say, we'll all be delighted to have Peter home.

June 8, 2012

From My Phone

1- Girlfriend got her first bathing suit. It's a bikini, though she'll be sporting the surf shirt more often than not.
2- Gunther has claimed the space under the baby's crib as his own. While there is a constant battle for territory between our pups, at the moment under the crib belongs to Gunther. 
3- We decided to have a family date night at Edo. It's my favorite sushi place in Memphis so we go quite a bit. The waitress knows Cole and remembers her behavior at each visit. They have the best summer dessert! They humbly call it orange jello which evokes images of hospital food, not the sweet, juicy jello slices they've created.
4- Thanks to our kind friends who offered to babysit, or as we like to call it "practice" (they have a babe on the way), Peter and I had a grown-ups only date night on Monday. It was our first date since Cole was born and it was very refreshing. We went to Beauty Shop which is reliable and convenient, its right in our neighborhood.
5- Lily becomes increasingly more jealous and protective of Cole as the days go on. I'm interested to see where this relationship goes.
6- After a month of dealing with handfuls of my hair falling out, I finally bit the bullet and got a mom chop. My hair is still falling out but at least it's shorter.
7- Did you know Cole and I tree-gaze every day? She loves to be outside so every afternoon we throw out a blanket and look up at the sky.
8- Despite introducing Cole to the "cry it out" method this week, she wakes up smiling and giggling.  Every. Single. Morning. I melt.

June 5, 2012


Remember how I dropped my phone? Well, it was a timely drop.

My two-year contract with my cell provider was up June 1 so I was given the option to upgrade to an iPhone at a discounted rate. Which I did. My new phone is shiny and white (though hidden in a case) and all but a guarantee that I will be posting more cell phone pictures.

After all, what good is that fancy camera if not to take a bazillion pictures? Get ready for photo dumps, people.
Picture from AppleInsider