November 30, 2012

Stone Mountain

While we were in Georgia, Peter and I decided to hike one-mile up Stone Mountain.
We'd done it before but never with a baby in tow. 
Cole didn't care to be worn in a carrier so we just took turns carrying her. 
It was an easy enough hike with panoramic views of the metro area from the blustery top.  

November 29, 2012

Under the Sea

As promised, we went to the Georgia Aquarium while in Atlanta.
We bought tickets for the morning after Thanksgiving which turned out to be ideal.
While the rest of the city was out scoring Black Friday deals, we watched fish and other underwater creatures.
The wee ones loves all the viewing windows at their level and I loved the fact that strollers were allowed

November 28, 2012

November 27, 2012

In Georgia

We're home! While it's nice to be back in our routine, our week in Georgia was wonderful. The weather was gorgeous and the company was just what we needed. We visited with family and old friends. And ignored our email. The grandchildren on Peter's side are very close in age. Cole had a blast playing with her cousins, the big kids.

It's worth mentioning that the former Memphis street dogs are doing well in their Georgia home. Bailey girl has been there for three years and Memphis a little over three months.  You'd never know either of these dogs ever scrounged for food.  They've grown accustom to the cushy life and sleeping on the couch.

November 26, 2012

November 22, 2012

Thank Ya Kindly

We're grateful to be spending Thanksgiving in Georgia with Peter's family. Last time we were here was Thanksgiving 2011. Time flies. Now there are three kiddos under 3.  And I'm quite thankful my in-laws have three cribs! While here, we'll catch up with old friends Cole's never met, visit the Georgia Aquarium, and spend lots of quality time with family.

November 21, 2012

From My Phone


 I recognized this pose and face the minute I saw it. Just like her Pop Pop:

November 20, 2012

Get That Baby A Leaf!

Cole loves details.
Screws, hinges, string, anything like that.
When we go outside she likes grass and leaves. She'll scan the nearby area then grab a bit of nature to examine.

Last week we went to watch the sunset over the Mississippi River.
Since it sets a bit before 5 o'clock these days, it's a great activity for the end of the day.
I'm always a fan of exploring, so we went to  a couple of parks along the River Walk: Martyr's Park and Greenbelt Park.

Marytr's Park was a surprirse!
It has one of the the best views of the bridges in the city and the park is hidden away so it's not crowded.
There was only one other person there while we watched the sun fade and he just sat in his car.
(And I watched him like a hawk in case he was a creeper. Which I don't think he was.)

You'd think I'd have a picture of the sunset, since thats what we were watching. I don't.
I kept a close eye on Cole (and the potential creeper) and forgot to snap a picture of the sun fading over the Mississippi.
Maybe next time.

November 19, 2012

Cole :: 9 months

Cole's last month has been busy with the long anticipated birth of her new friend Will and acquisition of new skills. She's waving "Hello," clapping her hands, drinking out of straws, and pulling up all of the time. Cole loves to walk around the house using her walker or holding on to various pieces of furniture. In a bind, Cole will simply use the wall for support. Walking is coming, people, I can see it on the horizon.

Cole got to hang with a bunch of her big girl friends at a recent birthday party. She felt very special and wore herself out. She slept from 6:00 p-6:50a the night after the party (she got up at 12:00 and 4:00 because sleeping through the night is rare occurrence in this house) which was a really big deal!

November 16, 2012

November 14, 2012

Everybody Wins Photography: Baby! Baby! Baby!

Baby Will arrived with ten little fingers, ten little toes, his mommy's hair, and his daddy's height. Basically he's already a dreamboat! Photographing newborns is a skill that requires patience, heat, and practice.  And it's not everyday someone will let you use their baby as a model. The Swens graciously allowed me take Will's picture in exchange for a disc of images. I got to practice and play with the precious snuggle-bug and they got pictures. Everybody wins!