January 31, 2013

2013 Resolution + January Family Picture

While working on our family's 2012 yearbook, I realized we don't have many family pictures. I have pictures of Cole and Peter with Cole but very few of Cole and me. And fewer of all three of us. This year I've resolved to take at least one family picture a month.

This month was tricky. I knew we needed a picture, so we just forced it. We look cold and you can see the remote in Peter's hand. Oh well.  Hopefully it will become easier. And more natural. But whatever, we have a family picture!

Now I just need to figure out how to get Cole to smile when I'm not holding the camera...

January 28, 2013

The Bug

Blah. We've been down and out in the Slaton house.
A nasty stomach bug snuck in and wrecked havoc over the weekend. It hit Cole first then me.
I'll say this, our daughter is one resilient little cookie. She was hardly phased:


I, on the other hand, was very phased. I hate being nauseous. I cried. And slept on the bathroom floor.
I ended up spending Sunday at the hospital getting fluids. Yuck.
We didn't want to take Cole with us to the hospital. Fortunately, we have dear friends here.
After just one phone call, my girl friend came over to babysit Cole.

The ER was packed. Before I was even taken back, Peter left to get Cole so that she could come out to nurse. 
Cole and Peter stayed about twenty minutes before the confines of the hospital became too much.
I think I'm on the mend. I wouldn't say I'm at 100% yet but I'm getting there.
Any and all prayers for a swift recovery and protection for Peter are appreciated.

January 24, 2013

January 22, 2013

January 18, 2013

Cole :: 11 months

Eleven months. Wow, oh wow. This girl is growing. She just moved into her 12-18 month clothing, which we don't have too much of. I guess I'll be going shopping soon. I've put six containers of baby clothes in the attic already which is wild. These days we are all about eating, sleeping, and playing.

In terms of eating, we have a fruit loving babe. She'll pound raspberries and strawberries. In fact, I only offer fruit at snack time because if she spots it at meal time she loses interest in all other food. When there isn't fruit offered, Cole is still fond of most food, if seasoned correctly. Lately she's been loving cheese tortellini with pesto and garden burgers. Since baby girl won't take a breast milk or formula from a bottle (I gave up that battle months ago), we've been offering a sippy with a straw. She'll drink water and now a little bit of cow's milk from her cup. She'll have two to three ounces of cow's milk every day which gives me hope that weening will be possible. To say it outright, her favorite thing in the world is nursing and the idea that I'm going to ween her at a year is fleeting. Anyway, that is a post for another time.

Cole's sleeping has improved so much in the last month! During the day, Cole is starting to take naps that last for seventy minutes. It's a bit shocking when I can look at the clock and know that I have time to shower, get dressed and clean or read a bit before she wakes. These naps aren't uninterrupted;  Cole will stir and cry out one time at the thirty or forty minute mark. She still gets up once a night to nurse but only once, which is lovely. And I don't even get out of bed. Peter gets her from her crib, brings her to our room and then takes her back when she's finished. He's the best!

When she's awake Cole loves to go, go, go! She's always on the move. We don't do much cuddling because I'm always chasing her around. I keep a close eye since she's getting so bold walking everywhere. She is walking more solidly and figuring out how to balance. Every once in a while I'll watch her catch and stabilize herself to prevent a fall which is so remarkable. Toddler days, here we come! We recently decided to give Cole total freedom in the tub (no more bath seat) and she loves it. She splashes and twists and turns while playing with her bath toys. Cole has a push cart and little wagon that she also loves. Still nothing can compare to the dogs, their leashes or crates which, as a category, comprise her second favorite things in world.

January 16, 2013

January 14, 2013

Maryland Christmas {The End}

Last Christmas post until December, I swear.

The final days of our Christmas trip were spent hanging with my family. 
At Pop Pop's house, that meant playing and climbing his stairs.
Since we don't have stairs in our house they are a bit novel to the baby girl. 
I'm afraid she may put them on her Christmas list next year. 

Cole also got lot of snuggles with Aunt Kelsey.
Since Kelsey lives in California she so Cole don't get to visit, it's pretty special when the see each other. 

Back over at Scottie and Big's house, Cole spent lots of time with Peggy Sue.
What can I say? She's a dog person. No surprise there, really.

Cole was also spoiled by lots of visitors!
My sister has kept up her high school friendships in a way that absolutely shames me. (Keeping up with people is not one of my strong suits.)
Anyway, I've known the girls below for 15 years or longer. And each one of them is a doll!

Cole got loads of quality time with her grandparents over the break- though surely it never feels like enough. 
We'll be welcoming all five of her grandparents to our house in the next couple of months. 
Everyone wants to help celebrate her big first birthday!

January 11, 2013

Maryland Christmas {Snow Days}

Cole saw her first snow while we were in Maryland. It was so romantic. The snow fell on Christmas day.
(Turns out she would have seen snow if we'd stayed in Memphis, too.)
Cole looked around the winter wonderland before deciding to try a taste.

The day after Christmas,  it snowed again.
We stayed toasty warm inside for all but a little while.
Bundled up, Cole got her second chance to play in the snow.

Unfortunately, while I packed Cole's coat I didn't pack any reasonable snow shoes for myself.
So our outdoor adventures were short lived.

January 10, 2013

Sunday Afternoon

We took Cole to the greatest playground ever Sunday afternoon.
She'd been before (in the stroller) but she is just now old enough to enjoy the park.
Cole had as much fun watching the big kids as she did on the playground.

Cole is getting bolder taking steps. Up to six at a time.
She is most confident when mommy are daddy are acting as safe landing pads. 
After ever sequence of steps, she gets a wide grin on her face. She knows she's growing up.
She can taste the independence. The freedom.
Any day now she's going to let go.