March 28, 2013

March 25, 2013

Some Reading

I need to update my blogroll and Goodreads. I recently joined a Facebook group for Memphis area bloggers and now I'm following a number of blogs by local ladies. It's a lot of fun. Anyway, until I get around to that, I have some reading suggestions if you're in the mood or find yourself with a minute to spare.

  • Last week Peter and I made the very difficult decision to leave the church that we've called home for the last five years. After wrestling and praying for months, we concluded this choice was the one we had to make for our family. Over the weekend, as I considered upcoming conversations I kept thinking about this post by Emily.  I hope to have bravery in conversation, humility in listening, and gentleness to recognize that everyone is hurting.  
  • For you smartphone users out there, have you heard of #SheReadsTruth? It's been around for a bit now and it's awesome. It's a community of Christian women committed to being in the Word and encouraging one another. I just started the newest plan, Holy Week. It's a short one, but it's good. Won't you join along? No sweat if you don't have a smart phone, you can just sign in online.     

I'm not sure that a post is a post unless it has a picture so here's a few of our happy girl from over the weekend. It was cold and dreary but she wanted to be outside in her swing.  The girl know what she likes. Who knows were she gets that from?

March 21, 2013

Time With Cousins

We're still fighting that nasty bug that showed up on Monday. And this one is real pain. I'm so glad to have some smiley, happy pictures from last week's trip to Georgia to share.

You know whats fun? Three cousins born within sixteen months of each other. It's a bit crazy too and requires a number of duplicate baby supplies. Fortunately my mother-in-law directs a preschool so she can borrow supplies as needed. Cole was completely spoiled getting to play with her cousin-friends for four days last week. Cole is fond of older children, particularly older children that are interested in her. I imagine there will be a bit of disappointment when she discovers her sibling will be younger than her. My in-laws put an enviable, light-filled addition on to their house last year. The kids play and eat in the space which is perfect. And it makes for easy for picture taking.

I wanted to get a picture of the three cousins while Cole and I were in Georgia. It's a tall order, I know, but I had high hopes. With the help of Peter's sister Nancy, we got all three kids on the couch. The tricky part was getting them to look and smile. With some more help from Nancy and a bit of head shaking to encourage smiles, we got at least one picture that works. I do love the second picture, even if the kids aren't all looking at the camera, because you can see a bit of each child's personality.

March 19, 2013

The Ranch

Last week Peter went to Louisville for a conference so Cole and I went to Georgia. Historically when Peter has traveled for work, we've just stayed home. But after finding tickets to Atlanta for $65 each way, I decided Cole and I would go ahead and spend a few days visiting family. Cole had so much fun! Even though everyone was just here for her birthday, it was nice to visit without the pressure of events.

Early into our trip we went to the Yellow River Game Ranch with Nancy and Cole's two cousins. The sign out front claims the ranch is "Like a Zoo...Only Better." I'm not certain that I agree. It is like a zoo in that they have animals but in every other sense it's quite different. At the ranch, chickens, ducks, and peacocks roam free. The rest of the animals, all native to Georgia, are within hands reach (not the bears or mountain lions, thank goodness!). You're allowed to feed most of the animals either by hand or by passing them food through PVC piping into the cages. Nancy and her kiddos a regulars at the ranch so they planned ahead and packed treats for the animals.

The funny thing about the ranch is that every animal is part of the experience. The squirrels are so accustomed to visitors that they'll eat out of your hands. Not that I tried that. That's just a bit skeevy for my taste.

In addition to the birds, there were some escaping goats that also roamed free. I watched two goats climb through the fence around their enclosure. From there the kind but aggressive little beasts followed us around, nudging Nancy for more of her treats.

Our little crew lasted about an hour before we needed to go. I packed Cole some graham crackers but they fell out in the car which was the beginning of the end for us. Peter remembered going to the ranch as a kid so we may be making a return visit next time we find ourselves in Georgia. Mark my words, I will not be forgetting a snack for Cole again!

March 18, 2013


After a relaxed and gorgeous weekend, our Monday is off to a rough start.  It's gray, rainy and Cole is ill.

Last week we all traveled so Peter left his car at work. As we prepared to drop Peter off at work this morning, Cole lost her breakfast all over me, the driveway, and the items in my hands. Now the peanut is sleeping and I'd say we're in for a mellow day. I'm praying against the stomach bug because I don't know if I can do it again. I'm hoping it was just a fluke.

March 15, 2013

A Couple of Recipes

Last week I got the itch for some homemade bread.
I don't know where it came from. I can't rememeber the last time I made bread.
Maybe it was inspired but the Amish Friendship bread living on my counter.
Anyway, I made some of the "easiest bread you will ever make."
Turned out, it lived up to the name and was delicious.

For some reason, I also whipped up two batches of granola. For the first time ever.
The first batch was good but relied a bit heavily on spices for my taste.
The second batch was delicious.  Next time I make it, I'll use a bit less sweetener, a pinch of spice, and I'll add some dried fruit.

March 13, 2013

March 11, 2013

Kid Rock Rocks. Really.

My mom loves Kid Rock. Doesn't your mom?
I heard on the radio that he was going to be in town on March 1 which just so happened to overlap with mom's trip to Memphis.
I told Bigs and for Christmas he got her four tickets to the show.

We were all  a bit nervous because he had to cancel his show in East Tennessee just days before the Memphis show due to pneumonia.
When he didn't cancel, we discussed that maybe we were only going to get half a show. We were wrong! 
He was great! Just a solid performer. And dude is definitely smart. He knows his crowd and he works it well.
I haven't stayed up past 10pm in a long while but this show was worth it.

::I know this post is late but better late than never, right?!::

March 7, 2013

Cole's Baptism

After rescheduling Cole's baptism a few times for various reasons, we finally settled on March 3. (Good thing too, because her gown was size 12 months.) Our church schedules baptisms for the first Sunday of every month. I actually scheduled her birthday party around the baptism. We knew some of our family would come into town for her birthday party and we thought it would save them an extra trip by coordinating the two events. 

Cole loved being in her gown and bonnet!
We snapped a few pictures before the service which I'm calling our family pictures for the month.
In case you are wondering about the scenery, our church meets in a school. 

As much as Cole loved dressing up, she did not love being handed to our pastor for the baptism.
In fact, she cried the whole way through.
This wasn't our pastors first rodeo so he didn't miss a beat.
He drew a parallel between Cole's crying out and our ability to cry out to our Heavenly Father who promises to be the God of our children.

Originally I planned on hosting a luncheon at our home after the service.  As it worked out, much of Peter's family had to hit the road immediately after church so I nixed the idea of a luncheon and instead we took our little crew to Sweet Grass for brunch. It was delicious, surprisingly child friendly and super easy.