April 30, 2013

The Water Is Up & Assorted Readings

The Mississippi is creeping up so the other night we took Cole to have a gander. She was happy to be up past her bedtime and amused by all the dogs and people walking by the water. Peter also gave her a few good tosses in the air which she still loves. And, of course, being East of the the setting sun gave me the opportunity to play with my camera.

On a completely unrelated point, I have a couple of readings to recommend:

First, and I know I just mentioned a Jen Hatmaker book but her blog is brilliant and this particular post read as if it were written just for me, is Jen's post titled "When Is It Time to Walk Away?" Careful, if you read this you may find it sounds like it was written to you.

Another post worth reading is Will's Birth Story. Erin is a dear friend of mine and Will's birth was not what she expected. The story is written so honestly it brings me to tears. Anyway, if you enjoy that sort of thing take a peak.

April 25, 2013

Confessions of a Nursing Mom: 1 Year 1 Month 29 Days

On April 16,  I nursed Cole for the last time. 1 year 1 month and 29 days after I started.

I thought she was we were going to take a bit more time to wean but there was a change. I attempted to pump for some relief over eight hours after Cole nursed. In ten minutes of pumping, I got less than one ounce of milk. Apparently sometime in recent history my milk supply depleted to nearly nothing. Cole was nursing for comfort, not nutrition. Once I realized that, the decision to stop nursing on a short timeline was that much easier. Cole nursed once daily for three days. Then we ended it. Peter and I offered a cup of cow's milk in place of nursing and she took to it.

For 48 hours, Cole wanted to nurse and would grab at me even when given milk. The first five days after we weaned, Cole couldn't come into our bed without wanting to nurse. She'd try to lift my shirt and would cry when I objected. But this morning we crossed a bridge. She came to cuddle with me in bed and just gave me a hug. She made no attempt to nurse and didn't linger.

As for me, because my milk supply was already gone, there's been little pain and no leaking. I imagine if I weren't pregnant that this would be more difficult emotionally. But September is coming Knowing Cole's role as big sister is looming, I'm okay giving her new boundaries and expectations. Sure, I look at her every day and wonder how she's gotten so big (and I know that will only be exaggerated come baby sister's arrival) but she is big and discovering new skills and words weekly. This week she's been practicing walking backwards, walking her head turned, spinning around in circles, running and identifying balls and hats when she sees them. It's a whole lot of fun.

April 23, 2013

About the Weekend

What a weekend! The weather was dreamy and Peter's sister Lisa came to visit.Cole absolutely loved seeing her aunt. From the minute they arrived, Cole thought that Lisa and her pup were celebrities.  Spring has definitively sprung and it is good for the heart and soul. Everyone's mood seems to improve in the spring, which is certainly a benefit of spending time in the Southern sun.  Our weekend was filled with adventures all around Memphis. Exploring familiar places in the city on gorgeous days makes Memphis seem like where we belong. 

On Saturday, we walked to our neighborhood farmers market for our CSA pick up. I just love so much about that sentence! I love that our neighborhood has a farmers market and that we're participating in a CSA this year. So far, so good. Our CSA has already allowed us to try new foods. So far this week, we've had pasta with pea shoots as well as chard and kale chips.

After the farmers market, we went to the zoo and Jerry's Sno Cones. Lisa had been to the zoo before but since it's nearby, fun for Cole, and free (her admission is covered in our membership), she was happy to go back. Jerry's is something of an institution in Memphis, with the warmer weather it hit the spot. I was only slightly disappointed to find out they are still serving their limited winter menu, which doesn't have my go-to flavor: White Wedding. Cole raided her Aunt Lisa's wallet and stole her sunglasses while we waited in line, but it was all in good fun.  

Sunday after church we headed to the Rajun' Cajun Crawfish Festival. The Rajun' Cajun was the first crawfish festival we went to in Memphis. It may sound silly but to say the "first crawfish festival" but Memphis has a few crawfish festivals throughout the spring and this was the first we attended, back when we lived downtown. Anyway, it's become something of a tradition for us to attend. Peter was particularly interested this year because last year  for their capstone class Peter's cohort assessed the festival and made recommendations for change.  We bought a bucket of crawfish, threw out a blanket and took turns so that one of us always had clean hands. Cole asked to try the crawfish but was unsurprisingly not a fan. Later into the festival, we met up with the Swens and Cole's favorite little man, Will.

April 19, 2013

April 17, 2013

Bath Time

Cole gets a bath every night. She loves it. Peter is beyond helpful in the evenings. Most nights he feeds Cole her dinner then does bath time. Since we are weaning, he's handling every part of bedtime too. Once she's in her pajamas, she'll come find me for a kiss then reach for her daddy. I wanted to snap a few pictures of Cole in the tub because bath time is so special to her right now. And she sits so straight, with perfect posture. She also likes to relax in the tub, which is what we call it when she lays back in the water. Here's the little nugget, so fresh and clean:

April 15, 2013


On Saturday we went to Rock-n-Romp's 2013 opening show on Mud Island. Rock-n-Romp, which started in DC, is a non-profit that provides a family-friendly concert series. While the music (and food and beer) is for the parents, the whole event is tailored for children. The music isn't terribly loud and the band's are asked to keep the lyrics family-friendly. The afternoon was perfect and we were happy to introduce Cole to live music. Granted we took her to Sunset Symphony last May, but this is different genre and she's engaging a bit more now. In fact, it's possible she thought the whole show was just for her.

April 13, 2013

Confessions of a Weaning Mom: The Perfect Storm

Thursday was rough. After four days of just two daily nursing sessions, there was a hiccup. A storm came.  A teething, stomach bug, weaning, rain storm. Cole just couldn't get any comfort. Two of her canine teeth cut this week and are now moving into the place. The other two are on the verge of cutting.  Unfortunately due to a sudden stomach bug that hit, I couldn't give her any medicine for the teething. (By the way, the bug hit both of us. It was torture). Also, it rained. That may not be a big deal for some people, but Cole is currently in a phase where the only place she'd like to be is outside. With the rain, going outside wasn't an option either. Cole just stood at the backdoor and cried. Finally, we arrived at Cole's last source of comfort: nursing. I caved and nursed her three times because it was the only comfort available.

Fortunately, we built the option of time into our weaning plan. Since Cole doesn't need to be weaned until late next month, I'm going to add a week or two to the transition. Cole is not ready to drop down to just one feeding yet. And I'm okay with that. Certainly after roughly fourteen months nursing, planning to wean in two weeks was ambitious. (Meredith, you called it!)

About the pictures: After a few hours with the bug, hunger set in. Cole decided it was time to eat so she climbed into her chair. Our princess is still cute when she's sick. The happy picture was right after a two hour nap. She seemed fine, rested, and better. But she wasn't. Sticking to the BRAT diet, I gave Cole 1/2 of a banana for lunch. It stayed down for an hour before she was ill in the car and to be changed, well stripped, on Summer Ave. Peter had some towels in his trunk, thank goodness, so I just cleaned her up and we were on our way back home.  Stomach bugs are tough.