April 13, 2013

Confessions of a Weaning Mom: The Perfect Storm

Thursday was rough. After four days of just two daily nursing sessions, there was a hiccup. A storm came.  A teething, stomach bug, weaning, rain storm. Cole just couldn't get any comfort. Two of her canine teeth cut this week and are now moving into the place. The other two are on the verge of cutting.  Unfortunately due to a sudden stomach bug that hit, I couldn't give her any medicine for the teething. (By the way, the bug hit both of us. It was torture). Also, it rained. That may not be a big deal for some people, but Cole is currently in a phase where the only place she'd like to be is outside. With the rain, going outside wasn't an option either. Cole just stood at the backdoor and cried. Finally, we arrived at Cole's last source of comfort: nursing. I caved and nursed her three times because it was the only comfort available.

Fortunately, we built the option of time into our weaning plan. Since Cole doesn't need to be weaned until late next month, I'm going to add a week or two to the transition. Cole is not ready to drop down to just one feeding yet. And I'm okay with that. Certainly after roughly fourteen months nursing, planning to wean in two weeks was ambitious. (Meredith, you called it!)

About the pictures: After a few hours with the bug, hunger set in. Cole decided it was time to eat so she climbed into her chair. Our princess is still cute when she's sick. The happy picture was right after a two hour nap. She seemed fine, rested, and better. But she wasn't. Sticking to the BRAT diet, I gave Cole 1/2 of a banana for lunch. It stayed down for an hour before she was ill in the car and to be changed, well stripped, on Summer Ave. Peter had some towels in his trunk, thank goodness, so I just cleaned her up and we were on our way back home.  Stomach bugs are tough.

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