May 31, 2013


Our last week has been jammed packed, which is exactly why the blog has been so quiet. We got back from a week in Maryland on Wednesday. Over the weekend, I attended one of my dearest college friend's bridal shower and bachelorette party in Pennsylvania. When I priced out airline tickets for the trip, we quickly noticed that it would cost more for me to go Friday-Monday than it would for all of us to go Wednesday-Wednesday. So, Peter used some of his vacation days and we visited with my family.

When I say my family, I mean lots of my family. On my mom's side, nearly everyone lives in the same zip code (it used to be 21212 but in the last few years everyone has moved into 21204). Being that so many of my relatives are still in Baltimore, we get to see everyone each time we visit. My mom hosted a small sixteen person family dinner on Thursday night. My sister, who recently relocated from San Diego to Hoboken, drove down to visit. Fortunately, she works from home so we were able to hang for a bit before she headed back to New Jersey. 

We made sure to visit with Ali, who took a job in Baltimore not too long ago. We grabbed lunch at a spot near her work. Lunch was decent, but Cole forgot her restaurant manners. She just wanted to run around Fells Point chasing balloons. And really, who can blame her?

By the way, it was windy and raining, hence the hair.

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