May 20, 2013

A Little Celebration For a Big Birthday

We celebrated Peter's big thirtieth birthday this weekend with festivities on Saturday. Months ago, Peter gave me two requests for his birthday: paintball and gelato cake. Happy to oblige, I got a Groupon for a 6-person paintball package (at 60% off!!) and I ordered a Snicker's gelato cake.  I also gave him a Grizz shirt on Wednesday so that he could be a surprised about something for his birthday. Saturday afternoon, Peter and five of his friends met up at Memphis Paintball Park for three hours of paint balling. They had a great time but Peter was feeling his age.

Later on Saturday, we had a small celebratory cookout with a few friends and their kiddos. Nothing big and nothing too late since all the kiddos were under 18 months. Everyone was so kind, they offered to bring sides to share so I just got the meat, drinks, and a bag of chips. And the requested cake, of course.

For a family that has historically had pretty nonchalant birthday celebrations, this has been a big year for us with Peter's thirtieth and Cole's first birthday parties.


  1. That last picture is absolutely precious.

    1. Thanks, Misty. Cole and her little buddy are just a week a part in age. It's so fun to get them together.

  2. Cole's expression on that second shot is hilarious! I love it! Glad Peter had such a fun birthday! :)