May 6, 2013

A Little Sunshine

So far May has been cold and wet, which is a bit uncharacteristic for Memphis this month. Just the same, the sun snuck out for a few hours this weekend. On Saturday, the rain held off until the afternoon which was convenient because Peter was playing in a golf tournament. By Saturday afternoon the rain was back. In the spirit of Cinco de Mayo (a day early, I know) we tried a new-to-us, highly praised Mexican restaurant. It was quite good, if not a bit overpriced. I'd go back just for the tesote and limeade.

Sunday morning Cole decided to pick out her clothes for church. She picks out her clothes nearly every morning but this outfit is worth noting. Typically, I'll lay out a couple of options for her to choose from, she'll make her selections, and we move on in peace. Lately though if she finds the options provided unsatisfactory, she'll go bang on the closet door. Sunday morning she ran off once her tights were on. When she came back, she brought us the dress (from the "too small" pile) and her pink moccasins. She asked to have them put on. Once dressed, she saw her shades and asked for them as well. We did opt to change her before church seeing as how it was a bit cold and wet for a summer dress.  I see a big box of dress-up clothes in our not to distance future.

Sunday afternoon we found a small window between the rains. The sun was shining so we booked it to the Botanic Garden. The place was nearly empty due to the weather and Grizz game. Cole was able to play in the music house for quite some time before moseying on to the worm holes and swings. We were all delighted to get outside for bit.


  1. goodness that's so cute. It reminds me a little bit of Ramona Quimby :)

    Rory doesn't care about her clothes AT ALL right now. I can put her in whatever I want and there are zero protests. She doesn't even notice, haha. She does notice my clothing, though. I have a sweater with a fox on it that she LOVES. I also have a shirt with a pattern of small birds on it and she loves to point out all the birds on it. I would possibly be wearing only those two things if she decided she needed to pick out MY clothes ;)

    1. That's so sweet. I don't think Cole takes notice of what I wear. Good thing too, since I wear about 3 outfits in rotation.

  2. ohmygoodness... the picture of her in "her" outfit w/the stroller. I can't even handle the cuteness.