May 22, 2013

A Sunday Show

Over the weekend, we went to our second Rock-n-Romp show. This one was at Rhodes College. It was warm and the Grizz were playing. Fortunately, there was ample shade and a large TV set up so that everyone could watch the game. Once again, Cole thought the show was just for her. She made sure to get right up next to the speakers and dance around a bit. We bumped into a number of our park friends which was so fun. Since I take Cole to the park nearly every day, we've made a number of park friends. It's great to see them in another context and be reminded how small and friendly our little part of the world is.

We can't wait for the next Rock-n-Romp in August. It will be inside, which is nice considering the heat of a typical Memphis summer and the fact that I'll be 35 weeks pregnant. We're committed to the idea of getting more friends to come with us. We always bump into people but it's such a blast we want to spread the word and share the good time with more friends. So save the date people: 2:00-5:00 on August 10th at Bridges.

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