May 14, 2013

Over Halfway

I'm 22 weeks pregnant and this may be my first real belly shot. Unlike last time around, I'm very distracted. And busy chasing a toddler. Yes, with this pregnancy there is still anticipation and wonder and worry, I just have a sweet distraction in Cole.

This pregnancy has been different than I anticipated based on what I've heard second pregnancies to be. I showed later this time and I'm coming in a bit lighter on the scales than I did at 22 weeks with Cole.  Baby girl's placenta is on top so it actually took a while longer for me to feel her moving.

Baby sister has one outfit to call her own (thanks to the Days) and nothing else. She and Cole will share just about everything, including diapers since we use and love one-size cloth diapers. She may get her own room but that is still to be determined. Since we already have a bassinet that will fit in our room we really don't have to decide where sister will sleep until a few months after she arrives. We're hoping to make that decision sooner rather than later but at the rate September is approaching I'm not holding my breath.

It's quite exciting to be pregnant a second time. We know we don't know our daughter and won't until she's here. As a wise friend pointed out, second children don't necessarily imitate their predecessors. But it is just so exciting! We could never have imagined all that Cole would add to our family and hearts and surely baby sister will do the same.


  1. It's always such a funny difference between first and second pregnancies and the way they are documented. I know I'll be the same way, too.

  2. You look adorable! So happy for y'all!

    1. Thanks, HCH! Can't wait to see your little BOY!!!!

  3. Love. I just love everything about this! You and your family are so precious. :)