May 13, 2013

Resolution Catch Up

I haven't forgotten or given up on my 2013 resolution. There just hasn't been much to show. After a less than stellar first attempt with the remote in January, we've just handed our camera off to friends or family and asked them to take a picture simply to satisfy the monthly goal. 

This month, I decided to buck up and try the remote again. (I still haven't used my tripod for our monthly family pictures but the day is coming.) On Sunday, I rested our camera on top of Cole's stroller and got out the remote. It was a Mother's Day miracle when we got a handful of decent pictures!


Now for a quick recap, here are our monthly family pictures from earlier this year. The only requirement I have for these pictures is that all three of us are in them.  It would be nice if each of us was smiling and looking at the camera, but you can't have it all:






  1. bahaha. i don't know how I missed April but I love it.

    1. You didn't miss it! I never actually posted that picture. And to be fair, other than January, the rest of our family pictures have just been buried in other posts.

  2. April is AWESOME! That just might have to be on a Christmas card. ;)

    1. Maybe, but I think we'll want a Christmas card with baby sister in it! :) Hard to believe we're going to be a family of four.