June 21, 2013

Around the House

While it may seem that Cole and I are always out and about,  we do actually spend time at home. And this week, we've spent more time at home than usual due to a little bug with lots of symptoms I don't want to bore you with.
Back in December, as we invested a pretty penny into our backyard,  I could never have guessed the use we'd get out of it. I knew the dogs would like the new yard and I figured Peter and I would enjoy the patio from time to time but I had no idea that Cole and I would spend hours on the patio every single day. The girl just likes to be outside. And that is fine with me!


  1. Rory loves being out in our backyard, too (though ours isn't NEARLY as pretty and nice as yours). Something magical about it that entertains them and I enjoy not HAVING to drive to a park or something every single day.

    Cole's curls are to die for!

    1. You're really kind. And I completely agree. We have a park that we walk to but it's very warm in the afternoon. The backyard is the perfect solution. I am a bit envious of your hammock...

  2. She is just too cute. My kids want to be outside all the time too.

  3. Aww, I love that she loves being outside so much! I'm sorry she's been sick - I'm glad she's feeling better!