June 13, 2013

On The Agenda

Our house is a bit disheveled at the moment.

We're converting the guestroom/playroom into a big girl room for Cole. Converting the room is turning out to be a bit more involved than it initially seemed and somehow the project is taking over our entire house. Here's the working list of tasks to be accomplished:
  • empty the closet in the playroom
  • relocated the items in the closet to other closets throughout the house and the attic
  • repair a bracket on the attic stairs so they are functional
  • relocate the items from the shelf in the playroom to the living room
  • move the shelf in the playroom to our room
  • consolidate the clothes in my dresser to fit in Peter's dresser
  • paint the big girl room
  • move my dresser into the big girl room
  • get the twin beds out of the attic and assemble 
  • outfit the big girl room with new window treatments 
  • find headboards, footboards, and accessories for the big girl room
  • childproof the big girl room
The plan is not to force Cole to move into her new room before baby sister arrives. Of course, if she shows interest we'll encourage the move. As it is, we have a bassinet and pack n' play that little sister can sleep in for months so Cole won't be asked to give up her crib prematurely. Stay tuned for more updates on the room.


  1. Sounds like you guys are going to be busy!

    1. Oh Rach, just wait. I woke up yesterday ready to work! Guess the nesting has begun.