September 13, 2013

A Pride Story

It's a big weekend for our neighborhood! The annual Cooper Young Festival is on Saturday and tonight there is a 4 Miler which will bring 2,500 people running right down our street. Unfortunately, early this week the residents of one home on our block were evicted. While they took many of their belongings with them, a heaping pile of goods was left on the side of the road. Almost immediately, there was a series of emails sent between the neighbors about what to do with the pile. Knowing the festival weekend and events would bring many visitors into our neighborhood, we all wanted to see the pile cleaned up.
Before any of the neighbors took actions, there were a number of street shoppers that rummaged through the pile looking for salvageable goods. It's pretty typical in midtown that if you put something with potential on the street it'll be picked up by street shoppers within a day. Peter and I have taken advantage of this norm multiple times when we have items to get rid of but not enough for a yard sale.
After the pile had been picked over, there was still a remarkable amount of furniture and trash that remained. One of neighbors was concerned that the pile would remain through festival weekend but then Thursday came. Thursday is trash day and our trash men are unbelievable! They took everything!
There were some crumbs, if you will, that remained after the trash men had hauled away the bulk of the goods. Before the trash men were off the street, our neighbor made his way to the now empty house to clean up the remaining trash, mow the yard, and weed whack. It's really cool to live in a neighborhood that is recognized as a great place to live where the neighbors look out for each other and work to maintain pride in the community.

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