September 8, 2013


The logistics of having a second child are a bit more complicated than a first. When Cole was born, we just had to have some friends on call that could let our dogs out. With little sister, we need friends who can watch the dogs and Cole. When we learned that the Swens, the family Cole is most comfortable with, would be out of town from August 22 until September 8, we decided we needed a backup plan. While we had an outpouring of volunteers willing to be "on call" to watch Cole, we knew the easist thing would be to have a specific and stable plan. So my sister, Kelsey, came to town.
Kelsey works from home so it was hardly any trouble for her to head South for a couple of weeks ready to watch Cole in the event that sister made her appearance. Kelsey was with us from August 27 until September 7. Cole loved every minute of it!
While we made sure to give Kelsey time to work, we also gave her a glimpse into our lives here in Memphis. We went swimming and to a birthday celebration with friends. We ventured to Jerry's, the fair, Gibson's, the Peabody splash pad, and the zoo. So we kept her busy. Aunt Kelsey introduced Cole to her new favorite song, which has essentially been on repeat since the first time Cole heard it. While sister didn't debut during Kelsey's visit, Cole got to spend lots of quality time with her auntie.

Before she left, Kelsey got Cole an amazing princess castle. Our child is enamored.
We were all sad to see Aunt Kelsey go, especially Cole. There were tears all the way home from the airport. Hopefully Kelsey will be back soon to visit Cole and meet little sister. 


  1. Oh my, I am about to cry myself seeing those last pictures.

    1. It's tough stuff. If only we could teach these babes about time and travel...

  2. Aww Cole looks so sad to see Auntie go! I'm glad she got to come visit and will be back soon! :)