October 21, 2013

Ibbie :: 1 Month

Ibbie's first month passed in a flash. It could be all that we have going on or just that life speeds up as we get older. Either way, I've treasured these early days with Ibbie and want to remember them. She's met all of her grandparents and spent hours in their arms. She's also received hundreds of kisses from her sister, maybe more. Cole delights in Ibbie! And Ibbie, knowing nothing else, receives all of Cole's gestures of love in stride.

Ib seems to be embracing her place as a second child.  She's pretty laid back and doesn't cry too often. Ibbie loves to cuddle and spends a few hours every night in our bed (I don't love co-sleeping so we're trying to get her to spend the whole night in her bassinet). She's fond of nursing and cluster feeds all day. I don't mind though, because she sleeps for two 4-5 hour stretches at night. All the eating has served her well, at three weeks she had already grown 2.5 inches and put on 1 pound 14 ounces.

When Ibbie is awake, she is very awake with wide eyes! She's been on numerous errands with me, to the pumpkin patch, and zoo. We've also taken her around town to get some pictures of her near various Memphis landmarks. With our move just a few weeks away, I want Ibbie to be able to look back at the pictures and know that she was born a Memphian.

Cole at one month


  1. She is just beautiful every time I see a pic of her! Bottom left looks just like Cole!

  2. so sweet. I can't get over how she and Cole look so similar. Definitely sisters, those two!

  3. Oh yay! It looks like Ibbie is going to work with her eyebrows like Cole.