December 29, 2013

A Few Nights Before Christmas

A few nights before Christmas we drove into Baltimore to welcome my brother, who was visiting from Florida, have dinner with my mom and see the trains at Kenilworth.
The train garden at Kenilworth has been part of my holiday tradition for as long as I can remember. An extensive world of model trains is set up in the center of the mall for about a month. There are buttons for kids to push which bring certain features to life. Cole loved it! Next year we'll have to make an effort to go at non-peak hours. 


  1. Why is she so serious here? lol. How far away from Baltimore are you? I bet your family loves that.

    1. Haha. Who knows? I'm sure the girl was skeptical of something. We're just an hour from Baltimore now. It's really night. We're also just an hour from Peter's relatives in Philly and ninety minutes from my grandparents at the beach. Our new location is pretty prime.