January 18, 2014

Ibbie :: 4 months

I missed Ibbie :: 3 months. And I'm not going to make it up. It included getting situated in Delaware, Thanksgiving, and Christmas during all of which Ibbie survived.

Ibbie's forth month has been fun. She started to giggle and seems to be becoming more ticklish. She is chatty, chatty, chatty, babbling nonstop. In the last couple of weeks, she's been pulling herself around her playmat. She moves a bit like an injured inch worm as she pulls her feet into her torso then pushes off, sliding, face first, across the floor since she lacks the upper body strength to push up. It's a sight!

Cole and Ibbie seem to be developing a bit more of a relationship. Cole knows the things that Ibbie likes and is quick to retrieve those items if Ibbie becomes upset. The girls can also make one another laugh which is a treasure!

I think her hair is growing longer and thinning out. We'll have to see what becomes of her do in month five.
month one, two
Cole at four months

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  1. I've got to see a video of the "injured inchworm" lol