February 19, 2014

Ibbie :: 5 Months

Ibbie is five months and a day old. And she's awesome.

She loves to laugh, smile, gnaw on her hands, and play with her feet. She sleeps well at night but is not much of a napper.  Ibbie has been dragging herself around by pushing her torso off the ground and pulling her legs in then pushing off. She rolls both ways in all directions.

Ibbie likes her routine. And she loves to nurse. This gal never passes up a feeding! She, like her sister, never takes a bottle so we'll be introducing sippy cups sooner rather than later.  We're putting off the introduction of solids. I am going to skip the baby food in favor of baby-led weaning in a month or so.

month onetwo, four
Cole at five months

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  1. Baby-led weaning. That's an interesting concept!! It'll be really interesting to see how that goes since you have another child to compare to (though I'm not sure Cole was the norm at all). The thought that they don't need baby food mush is pretty revolutionary (to me)... keep us posted.