March 28, 2014

Growing Girls

How can I possibly have a daughter who willingly participates in dental cleanings? And another who is eyeing the stairs in hopes of domination? These girls are growing with every blink. 

March 26, 2014

Pictures of Flowers

Earlier this week, I asked Cole if she wanted to go see flowers and take pictures. She did. Enthusiastically. After nap time, we zipped up to Longwood Gardens for an afternoon photography walk. Cole took pictures of flowers and I, mostly, took pictures of Cole.

When we got home, I downloaded all of our pictures. I was surprised to find a number of Cole's pictures came out, albeit in her signature constant toddler movement style

I like to have Cole practice naming colors when we look at flowers so here we have purple, yellow, and blue flowers.
Cole went out of her way to get this photo. She took four pictures from this position shifting her hands a bit for each shot.
The main event was the blue poppies which only bloom for a few weeks each spring. Cole, as I suspected, loved the blue flowers. We looped back three times on our walk to get more pictures.
After our photography walk, Cole needed a rest so, as she's done before, she hit the floor and rested. Oh, the life of a hobbyist photog. It's exhausting.
Lest you think she was left behind, Ib chilled in the stroller. She's just a go-with-the-flow kind of gal.

March 24, 2014

Come On, Spring

This weekend we visited our local state park. Its close to the Pennsylvania line so it has a few hills, which is nice. We'll need to explore a bit more before we really have a handle of the place. While grays and browns are lovely tones, I cannot wait for this park to be littered with healthy, green foliage!

March 19, 2014


Moving during this time of the year means everyone is holed up indoors. It makes meeting people a bit more difficult. Of course, I'll approach people just about anywhere but it still isn't easy. Fortunately, I've started fresh enough times to know the secret to making friends: Just say, "Yes."

I say "yes" to everything.  I say it to others. And I say it to myself.

Should we go to a state-run playdate? Yes. Should I join a club for moms? Maybe a Meetup group? Yes and yes. Would we like to come over to play? Yes. Would we like to come for lunch? Yes.  Should I chase that gal down and get her number cause our kids are the same age and she seemed pretty cool? Yes. Twice, yes actually.

Moving is still hard and finding friends is a process, but I certainly won't find them if I stay in my house just missing Memphis.

Speaking of missing Memphis, these kids love Memphis. And this video is too sweet not to share. It's kind of like a highlight reel of the city:

March 18, 2014

Ibbie :: 6 Months

At six months Ibbie is chatty, friendly, and remarkably laid-back.

The biggest change in the last month was the introduction of solid foods. I was planning on going with baby led weaning but Ibbie's sleep patterns started changing. And not for the better. Peter and I decided she was hungry so we went ahead and introduced solids the typical way with rice cereal and baby food. Her sleep patterns improved. To date, she has had peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, apples, pears, mangos, bananas, and prunes. She loves it all! We did let her gum a banana the other night and she enjoyed it after getting over the initial disappoint that she couldn't nurse the banana.

month onetwofour, five
Cole at six months

March 7, 2014

Cole's POV

We bought Cole a camera for her birthday. She became a photog in a matter of seconds. She doesn't specialize, she works as a nature photographer, product photographer, portrait photographer, and so on. If it strikes her, she takes a picture. Sometimes that means taking a picture of the wall or in a book. Other times, it just means pictures of our family.
Here is some of her work:

March 3, 2014

A Berry Special Day

For Cole's first birthday, we had a Milk & Cookies party because she loved to nurse. This year, we had a Berry Special party because she loves to eat berries. I'm realizing that next year we may need to get away from the food themes lest a trend develop.
Anyway, since we are still new to the area, we decided to have her birthday party be only for family. We invited fifteen of our relatives into our itty bitty house to celebrate our first born. As it turned out, a few unexpected events prevented five of our guests from attending which actually kept the party to a reasonable size. Still, guests came from five different states which was completely unreasonable and such a demonstration of how deeply loved Cole is.
We visited. Provided an audience for Cole as she played and opened gifts. And ate. What more could you want at a two year old's birthday party?
Since my dad works on the weekends, he came up to celebrate Cole's birthday earlier in the week. We went out to dinner and played out the house. Cole just loves all of her grandparents.