March 19, 2014


Moving during this time of the year means everyone is holed up indoors. It makes meeting people a bit more difficult. Of course, I'll approach people just about anywhere but it still isn't easy. Fortunately, I've started fresh enough times to know the secret to making friends: Just say, "Yes."

I say "yes" to everything.  I say it to others. And I say it to myself.

Should we go to a state-run playdate? Yes. Should I join a club for moms? Maybe a Meetup group? Yes and yes. Would we like to come over to play? Yes. Would we like to come for lunch? Yes.  Should I chase that gal down and get her number cause our kids are the same age and she seemed pretty cool? Yes. Twice, yes actually.

Moving is still hard and finding friends is a process, but I certainly won't find them if I stay in my house just missing Memphis.

Speaking of missing Memphis, these kids love Memphis. And this video is too sweet not to share. It's kind of like a highlight reel of the city:


  1. I agree making friends when not working or going to school is harder than I thought, and I have lived here for 7 years! I am excited to have met you and am looking forward to some warm weather play dates with our girls :)