April 21, 2014

Ibbie :: 7 months

What a happy baby Ibbie is! With some of the bluest eyes I've ever seen!

This month Ib has tried more and more food with a distinct preference for meat. Chicken and apples. Sweet potatoes and turkey. It grosses me out but she loves it.  She goes through waves of hunger. Sometimes she'll eat less than half a jar per meal and other times she'll eat as much as two jars in a sitting.

Ibbie isn't sitting up yet, but she motors around the room and stands with support. Her Aunt Nancy suggested that there is just too much to do to spend anytime sitting around. I think she's probably right.

Ib has one bottom tooth with another about to break through. She's handling teething pretty well, just gumming every toy in sight.
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Cole at seven months

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