April 11, 2014

It's Friday

We've reached the end of the week and I realized I haven't blogged. Not even once. Peter has been away for work all week so I've been flying solo with the girls. My mom and dad each came up for a day to hang out with the little ladies which was a great help. Hopefully, I'll get back into a blogging groove next week.

I did manage to get a haircut. A much needed, post-baby hair cut. Now time to start growing it out again. The ease of a ponytail, when there are wee ones present, is not to be matched.
Cole came up with some creative, eclectic even, outfits this week. As I've said before, she's allowed to wear what she wants most of the time. I do draw the line at bathing suits which she's been begging to wear for a couple of weeks. It is no overstatement to say we are excited about summer. 


  1. Well I'VE noticed that you haven't blogged! Happy to see that I got two when I got into work this morning! :)