May 27, 2014

Ibbie :: 8 months*

*make that 8 months, 9 days

Oh goodness, this month was the month of mobility! In a flash, Ibbie went from scooting to crawling to pulling up and cautiously cruising. Thank heavens, it was also the month we moved into our new house which has far fewer stairs than our rental home.

Ibbie mastered sitting up this month. And started to eat picky foods at every meal. She loves strawberries and Cheerios. Though, she may like spitting them into her lap even more than she likes to mash them in her mouth. Ibbie has her two front, bottom teeth and, from what I can tell, no signs of others. She continues to be a solid sleeper though she's quite the early birth, monologuing around 5 o'clock each morning. Who can blame her though? She is practically begging for her crib by the time we put her down at 6:15pm.

Little sister is smitten with Cole and the dogs. And Peter and I manage to put a smile on her face, not that getting Ib to smile is a challenge.
month onetwofourfivesix, seven
Cole at eight months 

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