May 29, 2014

Our Week in Georgia

We spent last week in Georgia soaking up all the family time we could get. Due to the move, we didn't spend Thanksgiving in Georgia as has been our tradition. While the girls and I passed through on our way to Delaware, Peter hadn't seen our niece and nephew since July. We were long due for a visit.
Cole was reunited with her Strider bike! We left the bike in Geogia last time we visited because Cole was just a hair too short to really use it. Now its a perfect fit! 
We made the most of the nearby parks and had two picnic dinners. One just because and the other to celebrate my brother-in-law and Peter's birthdays.
One afternoon, Peter, the girls and I ventured to Stone Mountain Park for a train ride. Cole is really into trains right now so we thought it would be a hit. And it was. In no small part, thanks to the candy we let Cole buy as a peace offering for the loud noises the train made.
Our little water bugs had a blast splashing in the backyard and a local splash park.
Of course, the best part was just getting to see everyone. Recently, Cole's language has taken off so she was able to name and identity her grandparents, aunts, uncle, and cousins.
I should point out that since this was a vacation, Peter got to rest. For a whole 20 minutes on the couch, which may, in fact, be the longest nap he's taken this year.


  1. haha Peter. Love the picture of Cole with her arm around Ibbie.

  2. You capture the best candid moments!!! :)