June 20, 2014

A Little Zoo

After years of living in a major city and taking full advantage of urban life, living in Newark has been quite a shift. Newark, which is home to University of Delaware, is a pretty typical college town. There are plenty of things to do, but you have to look. I found a little zoo about twenty minutes away in Rising Sun, Maryland. It is cute as can be.

At the ticket office, you can buy a cup of feed to give to some of the animals. Cole was delighted to feed the goats, sheep, donkeys and alpacas. She was disappointed she couldn't feed the bears but after I explained they may bite she applied that reasoning to every animal she couldn't feed: Camels may bite. Tigers may bite. Peacocks may bite. It worked out just fine. 
Since we were already in Rising Sun, we made a quick trip to Kilby Cream for ice cream. We were pleasantly surprised to find they had a playground and little animal display for the kids.  Not that Cole could could focus on anything but her pink ice cream with jimmies.


  1. Cole's hat is way cooler than that little girls'. ;)

    1. Ha! Cole's awesome hat was actually a party favor from that little girl's birthday party ;)