July 29, 2014

A Hop, Skip, & a Jump

It's not so bad living 90 minutes from the beach. Last week we met Scottie and Bigs down in Rehoboth for a few hours. We hit the highlights: ocean, pizza, ice cream, and rides. Cole kept inching further into the water and begged for me to take her in. 

July 22, 2014

Vacation Bible School

Two weeks ago, we were publicly received into the congregation of our new church. As a member, I had the opportunity to help with vacation bible school. When the director asked if I would take pictures of the event, I gladly obliged. My girls were assigned preschool classes for the week but I got to peak in on them since I was snapping pictures of everything.
We all had a wonderful time! Cole came home singing new songs and telling us biblical truths. She also have a great time with her classmates and teachers. At the VBS Picnic, Cole left quite the impression by going down the big watersides.
Not only was it a great week taking pictures,  but I was able to get to know the church building and learn the names of many members and their children. Name tags sure do help!
Every morning, as we pulled into the church parking lot, Cole would announce our arrival by saying, "Here. Tiny church. Go home, big church." I took the opportunity, each day, to remind her that now our home is in Delaware and the "tiny church" is our church. As her vocabulary is expanding, more of her memories of Memphis are being revealed. What a good reminder though, that I was photographing VBS at our church. It helped me to recognize any longing I had to be at our church in Tennessee as well as remind me that we have been blessed to find our new church home.

July 19, 2014

Ibbie :: 10 months

Ibbie is eager to be a toddler! She stands on her own. She says, "Mama" and "Dada." And she has mastered the straw sippy cup. She is also clapping, waving, high-fiveing, hugging and kissing. For two months now, she's refused all baby food and exclusively self-fed. How can this girl be so close to a year old? Ibbie has become increasingly vocal this month. She loves to talk and she loves to watch Cole. 

Ibbie is our tiny dancer. She'll play music just to dance, she'll dance through her meals, and if anyone else starts dancing she'll join in. Cole has a particularly unique dance move where she lifts one leg in the air; since Ibbie is always watching Cole, she imitates the same move. It seems the Slaton sisters have their own signature dance move! 

Ib's has the sweetest little personality. She is outgoing and very friendly. Often smiling or laughing, she has such a pleasant disposition. But she is sensitive. Very, very sensitive. We have to be exceptionally gentle with her and make sure to keep a close eye during playdates or her feelings may be hurt. Luckily, Cole is always looking out for her sister and helping to keep her from getting upset. 
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Cole at ten months 

July 9, 2014

Staycation Pictures

Downtown Newark
 Dutch Wonderland 
 Plumpton Park Zoo 

July 7, 2014

Calling It Off

We were supposed to spend last week in Savannah, Georgia. But something happened. Perhaps it was Cole's recent potty training which requires we take frequent bathroom breaks. Or perhaps it was the stack of boxes still piled high in our bedroom (and office and basement). Or perhaps it was the insane number of hours we have already given to  I-95 this summer. Mostly likely it was a combination of all three, but I called off the trip. I just couldn't get my mind around taking another drive up and down I-95, leaving settling into our new home for another day.

So we spent last week at home. Between unpacking boxes, purging the things that we haven't missed in the last seven months, and enjoying our baby-proof, schedule-honoring life, we managed to get out for some local adventures. What a treat! We are now down to a very manageable ten boxes, most of which are artwork. Our bedroom is no longer a dumping ground for half unpacked boxes of clothing. And the basement is fully organized.

One day, we will travel again (in fact, we're taking a family weekend away in August) but with wee ones, the ease of day trips is not to be beat. I know there are people who successfully travel with babies and toddlers. I say, more power to them! The thought is exhausting, particularly when there is a house to be unpacked.

Speaking of family vacations, have you read this? Hilarious. And true.