July 7, 2014

Calling It Off

We were supposed to spend last week in Savannah, Georgia. But something happened. Perhaps it was Cole's recent potty training which requires we take frequent bathroom breaks. Or perhaps it was the stack of boxes still piled high in our bedroom (and office and basement). Or perhaps it was the insane number of hours we have already given to  I-95 this summer. Mostly likely it was a combination of all three, but I called off the trip. I just couldn't get my mind around taking another drive up and down I-95, leaving settling into our new home for another day.

So we spent last week at home. Between unpacking boxes, purging the things that we haven't missed in the last seven months, and enjoying our baby-proof, schedule-honoring life, we managed to get out for some local adventures. What a treat! We are now down to a very manageable ten boxes, most of which are artwork. Our bedroom is no longer a dumping ground for half unpacked boxes of clothing. And the basement is fully organized.

One day, we will travel again (in fact, we're taking a family weekend away in August) but with wee ones, the ease of day trips is not to be beat. I know there are people who successfully travel with babies and toddlers. I say, more power to them! The thought is exhausting, particularly when there is a house to be unpacked.

Speaking of family vacations, have you read this? Hilarious. And true.

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