July 19, 2014

Ibbie :: 10 months

Ibbie is eager to be a toddler! She stands on her own. She says, "Mama" and "Dada." And she has mastered the straw sippy cup. She is also clapping, waving, high-fiveing, hugging and kissing. For two months now, she's refused all baby food and exclusively self-fed. How can this girl be so close to a year old? Ibbie has become increasingly vocal this month. She loves to talk and she loves to watch Cole. 

Ibbie is our tiny dancer. She'll play music just to dance, she'll dance through her meals, and if anyone else starts dancing she'll join in. Cole has a particularly unique dance move where she lifts one leg in the air; since Ibbie is always watching Cole, she imitates the same move. It seems the Slaton sisters have their own signature dance move! 

Ib's has the sweetest little personality. She is outgoing and very friendly. Often smiling or laughing, she has such a pleasant disposition. But she is sensitive. Very, very sensitive. We have to be exceptionally gentle with her and make sure to keep a close eye during playdates or her feelings may be hurt. Luckily, Cole is always looking out for her sister and helping to keep her from getting upset. 
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Cole at ten months 

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