August 28, 2014

Birthday Girl's Day

For my mom's birthday this year she wanted a girls day with me, my sister, Cole and Ib. We all met in Newark then ventured to Longwood Gardens for a stroll and lunch. Neither my mom or sister had been to Longwood before and they, as was I, were stunned by the beauty of the place. 

August 27, 2014

Cole :: 2.5 Years

Two and a half is so fun! Our little goat is a hoot. I wish I could adequately capture her zest for life through storytelling.  I've been recording more moments on video just to preserve the memory which I'm excited about.

In the last six months, Cole has unveiled more of her spunky and independent personality. She's been calling Peter by his first name, which we correct. She asks to drive the car, to stay home alone, and to ride a bus, train, and truck, all alone. She has suggested, on multiple occasions, that she could watch Ibbie while I go run errands. Our big girl has been opting out of bathes for showers and recently requested we dye her hair sky blue. Seriously. This kid is a trip!

She loves her friends, both near and far, so we discuss them often. She's picked up a few trademark phrases, like "Hey, I have a idea," "Lets talk about it," and "Me funny?" She's picking up new words every day and echoes much of what she hears in conversation, on the radio, and on television. She loves to talk about her memories. We talk about Memphis, trips, visitors we've hosted and our family. Cole often refers to herself in the third person, either with pronouns or "sister."

Her favorite shows are Curious George and Daniel Tiger. Her favorite movies are Toy Story 3, Frozen, and Mary Poppins. She loves to read and be read to. She also loves to sing and be sung to.

Cole's looking forward to starting school again in a few weeks and going back to gymnastics. I'm constantly blown away with how big she is. And her ability to comprehend time in event past, present, and future. Little Miss Independent is sure keeping us on our toes.

August 26, 2014

Ibbie :: 11 months

We have a walker! Ibbie has gained a great deal of stability and her balance is improving. She walks in little spurts, with a personal best of twelve steps. She is a happy, happy girl. And so chill. She's very content to play alone though she still loves to play with Cole and the girls just love to laugh together.  Sometimes Cole will crawl with Ibbie they both think it's hysterical.

Ibbie is a good eater but her preference is smoothies! She gets so excited when she hears the blender going. She prefers protein more than Cole ever has: chicken nuggets, sausage, eggs, ground beef, and so on.

We've been phasing out Ib's morning nap. She handles the extended wake time fairly well but is more than ready to nap when the time comes. Typically, she'll nap for 75-90 minutes. Nighttime is a different story. She'll sleep for 10.5-11 hours waking two or three times to nurse.  I suspect that her teeth are keeping her up. She has eight and some of those are still erupting.

Ib watches Cole like a hawk. She has quite the sense of adventure and a very curious spirit. These two ladies are quite the duo.
month onetwofourfivesixseveneightnine, ten
Cole at eleven months

August 7, 2014

Clemson Cozy Coupe

Our neighbors recently passed on to us a well-loved Cozy Coupe which their girls outgrew. As soon as we wheeled it across the street, I was conjuring up plans for a Clemson makeover.
After breaking the car down and giving it a good scrub, we used spray paint to apply fresh colors. I had no idea how long it would take between coats! Each time I painted, I was able to get 2-3 light coats applied before waiting 5 days for the paint to dry. No doubt, our humid conditions were less than ideal for painting.
Once the base colors were set, I painted stripes on the roof, applied vinyl paws to the doors and glued a custom vanity plate to the back.
Getting the stripes on the roof was a bit more of a challenge than expected. I used painters tape to ensure clean lines but when I pulled the tape up it brought all the paint up with it. After a few rounds fighting with the tape, I got out a paintbrush and touched up the spots that needed it and moved on.
As for actual use, there is some scratching on the door which happened as soon as the girls started playing with the car. Otherwise, the car has held up well through a few weeks of daily play in the driveway and yard.  
As for the critics, they love it! The girls take the car out every day for racing or running.
The only problem is that both kids can't fit in at the same time. And sharing really is hard. 

August 5, 2014

Back to the Beach

Last Monday afternoon, a case of mastitis hit me like a ton of bricks. By 8 o'clock, I was at Urgent Care begging for an antibiotic. While I got the medicine, the pain, as it does, persisted for a few days. Still, my dad and I had plans to take the girls to the beach on Wednesday and Thursday. While I wasn't feeling 100%, I figured why get over my mastitis at home when I could do it at the beach. So Wednesday morning we left for Rehoboth.

We got to Rehoboth around noon which meant it was time for lunch and naps. By the time we got out of the house again it was after 3 o'clock. Cole's request was for rides and ice cream.
My grandparents hosted us for dinner Wednesday night which was a treat. I think my grandmother may have cooked everything in the house. We had tuna steaks with at least six sides. 
We finally made it to the beach Thursday morning. The girls beelined for the water and Cole kept begging to get in the ocean. After taking her in the ocean the week before, I realized I'm not yet comfortable taking Cole beyond the breakers. Despite her love of the water and eagerness to go under, she's not a swimmer. Maybe in a few more years.

I didn't take my DSLR camera with me but I had my phone and was able to steal the date-stamped pictures from my dad's camera.