August 7, 2014

Clemson Cozy Coupe

Our neighbors recently passed on to us a well-loved Cozy Coupe which their girls outgrew. As soon as we wheeled it across the street, I was conjuring up plans for a Clemson makeover.
After breaking the car down and giving it a good scrub, we used spray paint to apply fresh colors. I had no idea how long it would take between coats! Each time I painted, I was able to get 2-3 light coats applied before waiting 5 days for the paint to dry. No doubt, our humid conditions were less than ideal for painting.
Once the base colors were set, I painted stripes on the roof, applied vinyl paws to the doors and glued a custom vanity plate to the back.
Getting the stripes on the roof was a bit more of a challenge than expected. I used painters tape to ensure clean lines but when I pulled the tape up it brought all the paint up with it. After a few rounds fighting with the tape, I got out a paintbrush and touched up the spots that needed it and moved on.
As for actual use, there is some scratching on the door which happened as soon as the girls started playing with the car. Otherwise, the car has held up well through a few weeks of daily play in the driveway and yard.  
As for the critics, they love it! The girls take the car out every day for racing or running.
The only problem is that both kids can't fit in at the same time. And sharing really is hard. 

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