January 24, 2014

January 22, 2014

January 19, 2014

The Thing About Hard Days

Last weekend the hard drive of our computer had to be replaced.  There were no warning signs that the hard drive was failing, but fortunately everything was backed up and I replaced it before anything mildly tragic happened. Still, having the hard drive replaced, and concurrently upgrading the operating system, reset my computer. I transferred my files and am working to learn the new system.

Last Monday, after the computer had been repaired and upgraded, I went to print a coloring sheet for Cole. Wouldn't you know it? Our printer couldn't be found. I don't know why, but that was it. It being the thing that made the enormity of this move very, very real. Not only do we have to find a church, a house, friends, a school, favorite eateries, and a preferred grocery store in this brand new town, but I realized I had to find my way around this new computer. It may seems silly but thats what happened. It was a hard day.

Being the extreme extrovert I am, going from a very social schedule in Memphis to a schedule with very little social interaction other than what I plan is tough. And I knew it would be. It's hard to imagine moving across the country without a few [gallons of] tears, add to that a toddler, an infant,  post-partum hormones, and the realization that establishing yourself takes more than a month and the water works are just to be expected. So there were tears. And comforting from my husband and a friend in Memphis who just happened to call to catch up.

The nice thing about hard days is that they don't last forever. The rest of the week was better. It seems we've developed a clear sense of where we'd like to live which is major. The girls and I went to story time at the library, bible study, open gym at the gymnastics center, and a club event for stay-at-home moms and their children. Anything to get out of the house! So we're out there, making an effort to meet people and getting to know this town.

I know that we are exactly where we're supposed to be. And there are going to be more hard days ahead. Some may be related to the move and some may not, just because this is life and life is hard. But the Lord is faithful. I've met three other young moms at bible study and one lives in my neighborhood. And she goes to the same library story time I do. And our kids really like each other. This is a young relationship that I'm so very thankful for.

I'm working on accepting our new home as it is, rather than constantly comparing it to Memphis. There's just no fruit to that behavior. Also, it's unfair. My love for Memphis and the people in that city developed over seven years and we've only been here for eight weeks. Hard days remind me how grateful I am for our time the South and fill me with anticipation for brighter days here. Now if I can just remember that on the hard days.

January 18, 2014

Ibbie :: 4 months

I missed Ibbie :: 3 months. And I'm not going to make it up. It included getting situated in Delaware, Thanksgiving, and Christmas during all of which Ibbie survived.

Ibbie's forth month has been fun. She started to giggle and seems to be becoming more ticklish. She is chatty, chatty, chatty, babbling nonstop. In the last couple of weeks, she's been pulling herself around her playmat. She moves a bit like an injured inch worm as she pulls her feet into her torso then pushes off, sliding, face first, across the floor since she lacks the upper body strength to push up. It's a sight!

Cole and Ibbie seem to be developing a bit more of a relationship. Cole knows the things that Ibbie likes and is quick to retrieve those items if Ibbie becomes upset. The girls can also make one another laugh which is a treasure!

I think her hair is growing longer and thinning out. We'll have to see what becomes of her do in month five.
month one, two
Cole at four months

January 10, 2014

January 8, 2014

January 6, 2014

Longwood Gardens

On New Year's Day, we took a trip to Longwood Gardens with Ibbie and our little hazmat crew member/gnome/Oompa Loompa, Cole. Cole's little outfit was so precious on the hanger then so odd on. But she loves it and really likes to keep the hood up. I really don't like to fight about what she wears (seems pointless) so we didn't.

Longwood Gardens is easily one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. We'll be back. And often. Our zoo options are limited here which is a bit sad considering our love and frequent trips to the Memphis Zoo but the gardens help. They aren't right around the corner so it's an adjustment but adjustments are to be expected. 
The Green wall was very cool but I just kept laughing at the ridiculousness of the scene. With Cole's outfit, the various doors (all bathrooms), and the plants growing off the walls it looked like something out of a Brave New World or Hunger Games. 
The conservatory was nice and warm so we took our time wandering through.
Outside was cold, very cold. We moved quickly and didn't linger.