January 10, 2015

Project TEN | January

I'm starting this year with a new company.
A new website.
And a new photography project: ProjectTEN

This is my first post of ProjectTEN. On the tenth day of the month, ten women will each post ten personal pictures. I'm excited and honored to be a part of this group. This month I challenged myself to take pictures only in our most lived in rooms: the playroom, the kitchen, and the girls' bedrooms.

As an at-home-mom, no less than eighty percent of my time is spent in these four rooms. By limiting myself to these rooms, I was able to most accurately capture glimpses of my daily life. Between art projects, "last bites," and my losing battle to keep my children clothed, these girls make sure my days are never boring. 
Now go check out the ProjectTEN work produced this month by these awesome and humble lady photographers:

If you are in or around the Mid-Atlantic and are interested in booking a session with me, I'd love to help you out. Please enter your contact information here. And if you would like to see more of my daily life, check out Instagram where Cole and Ibbie are the stars.


  1. These pictures are beautiful, Parker! I can't wait to see more in the upcoming months. And congrats on taking the photography plunge. Best wishes to you on this new endeavor =)

  2. Amazing. So love your beautiful, personal work. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing your life!

  3. Parker, I have known you for quite a while now. :) And I think I have known you since your love of photography began (as an adult). So I think I can truly say that you have GROWN so much artistically!!! You have never taken a bad picture in your life, but these pictures are INCREDIBLE! And your work just keeps getting better! So great!!!!
    The girls are precious!!! Love you, friend!

    1. Thanks, Stace! Sending soooo much love to Arkansas!

  4. What role reversal to see C in fuzzy pjs and I in a diaper