February 20, 2015

Purple Party

Cole was very specific with her third birthday requests: a purple party with all of her friends, a purple cake, and a big purple ball. Girlfriend is in her purple period! I went to Walmart and bought every purple decoration I could find. We ordered a purple cake from Sweet Melissa and they went wild with the idea of making the cake as purple as possible, inside and out. Cole was over the moon.

Cole had such a blast playing with her friends at our house. We put out some toys and I covered the kitchen table with paper so the guests could color. Our balloon decorations quickly became part of the party entertainment. The kids had a great time tearing them down, then running in circles with balloons in tow.
Singing, cake and candles were possible the highlight of Cole's day! She was so pumped to have her friends sing to her and then eat purple cake.
(When I play hostess I LOVE for someone else to take on camera duty. Nearly all of the pictures and the sweet video were taken by our friend. Major thanks to VTCarter! )

February 18, 2015

Cole :: 3 Years

Three. Three, three, three. This year is going to be good! Cole is a little girl and no longer a toddler. She is potty trained and sleeps in a big girl bed. She has opinions and a solid personality. She is a bit of pleaser who is fiercely loyalty and never at a loss to describe what she wants. She loves her friends and her family both near and far. 

At three, Cole is very affectionate, verbally and physically. She is a creature of habit. And is keen to hold you to your word. For the last two years she's insisted on dressing herself and has a distinct, increasingly monochromatic, sense of style. She loves our outings and wants to know our agenda everyday. She prides herself on being a "big helper," which she is. She is in the kitchen asking how she can help me prep before every meal. 

She has started to pray for her friends and she holds on to details. For months, she's been praying for God to give our family three more babies. Because she's a riot. She loves to make people laugh and that prayer gets a rise out of me every time. 

February 10, 2015

Project TEN | February

This is my second ProjectTEN post. On the tenth day of the month, ten female photographers each post ten personal pictures. Thats all there is to ProjectTEN. 

This month I challenged myself to take pictures with very simple backgrounds. What I envisioned for this month was not at all what I wound up with! Between the cold winter air and the ever shifting moods of my toddlers, the pictures that worked out were all taken indoors. And frankly, they all, save one (#pinkboots4life), have similar composition.    

While my girls are used to me taking pictures while they go about their day, they are not used to me placing them before I shoot. I figured February was the right time to play indoors and capitalize on the pockets of light I found in the house. 
Now go check out the ProjectTEN work produced this month by these awesome lady photographers:

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February 5, 2015

Dog Crates

Our dog crates have been used and abused this winter and Lily is now in total rebellion. After six years as a crate-trained dog, she is over it. She's broken out of the crate twice daily for over a week; locks and carabiners can't hold her in. Today I finally bit the bullet and gave her (and Gunther) free reign of the house while we were out. We picked up and but away all toys and papers before we left. I cannot overstate how much I detest coming home to some unknown destruction, be it of a toy, book, or door frame. The dogs behaved themselves so this may be the way of the future.

With the crates mostly empty over the last few days, Ibbie has declared the space her new play area. We all love our dogs, even when they frustrate us and destroy property, but no one loves them more than Ib. I dare say she plays in the crates with the hope the dogs will join her.