February 18, 2015

Cole :: 3 Years

Three. Three, three, three. This year is going to be good! Cole is a little girl and no longer a toddler. She is potty trained and sleeps in a big girl bed. She has opinions and a solid personality. She is a bit of pleaser who is fiercely loyalty and never at a loss to describe what she wants. She loves her friends and her family both near and far. 

At three, Cole is very affectionate, verbally and physically. She is a creature of habit. And is keen to hold you to your word. For the last two years she's insisted on dressing herself and has a distinct, increasingly monochromatic, sense of style. She loves our outings and wants to know our agenda everyday. She prides herself on being a "big helper," which she is. She is in the kitchen asking how she can help me prep before every meal. 

She has started to pray for her friends and she holds on to details. For months, she's been praying for God to give our family three more babies. Because she's a riot. She loves to make people laugh and that prayer gets a rise out of me every time. 

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