February 5, 2015

Dog Crates

Our dog crates have been used and abused this winter and Lily is now in total rebellion. After six years as a crate-trained dog, she is over it. She's broken out of the crate twice daily for over a week; locks and carabiners can't hold her in. Today I finally bit the bullet and gave her (and Gunther) free reign of the house while we were out. We picked up and but away all toys and papers before we left. I cannot overstate how much I detest coming home to some unknown destruction, be it of a toy, book, or door frame. The dogs behaved themselves so this may be the way of the future.

With the crates mostly empty over the last few days, Ibbie has declared the space her new play area. We all love our dogs, even when they frustrate us and destroy property, but no one loves them more than Ib. I dare say she plays in the crates with the hope the dogs will join her.

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