March 10, 2015

ProjectTEN | March

This is my third ProjectTEN post. On the tenth day of the month, a group of ten female photographers each post ten personal pictures. Thats all there is to ProjectTEN. 

Unlike previous months, I took all the pictures over two days. The last two days, actually. I didn't plan it, that's just how it worked out. The girls and I are in Georgia visiting my in-laws and soaking in the early spring weather. When I saw snow in the forecast for Delaware last week, I made the decision to take the dogs to camp, load the car up, and head out of town early. We're having a blast visiting Peter's family. The girls love playing with their cousins and hanging with their grandparents. In a week or so, I'll post a more plentiful lot of pictures from the trip. 
Now go check out the ProjectTEN work produced this month by these awesome lady photographers:

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  1. makes me feel relaxed and smiley to see your pictures